How Everipedia Plus (EP+) can change your LIFE

Everipedia Plus is a premium service offer to esteemed individuals and organizations who are looking for experienced wiki editors to create scholarly entries for themselves and their businesses. The program was launched in July of 2017 and it is headed by Executive Editor Dave Liebowitz.[1]​

History and Development

Everipedia Plus came into existence after a constructive conversation among Everipedia’s Founding Team concluded that there is a market of people whose image is emphasized by their career who would benefit from a scholarly wiki entry about them. Liebowitz took it upon himself to plan out the logistics of the service and research what people are looking for in their own wiki. He linked up with Marketing Expert and Thought Leader Rob Fajardo and they soon established a symbiotic relationship of finding clients, authoring content, and creating happy customers.

Current Features Offered

Verified Page and Account
In-house Editors write the content
No ads
Locked Page to protect content from vandalism
24/7 Prioritized customer support


If you are interested in having an EP+ page, please contact Dave Liebowitz at

Believe in Yourself;
Luisa Doraz


Hard work does pay off

You guys have not seen me for a looong time because I have been staying focused on my priorities. Life sucks at times, but other times life can really bring you to a special place in your heart. Hard work does pay off, believe me! I hope all of you have been hanging in there these days.

Hi everyone! As many of you already know, I have been really busy writing away as a Master Editor for my friends at I have learned so much about so many people and so many companies. I have many links that I am amazed at finding to add to my pages that I create. Many of my friends have gotten so many more HITS to their sites after CREATING a page on I hope you all have a chance to go over and check out what I have been doing. We have so many more visitors from all over the world. There are many people and companies that work so hard but never get an entry on Wikipedia. Well, no problem at, we encourage you to CREATE YOUR PAGE! Have fun! Stay well.

EVERIPEDIA  is now one of the top 1,000 sites in the U.S. – yeeee



Believe in yourself;

Luisa Doraz

Common Sense


Full Definition of common sense

: sound and prudent judgment based on a simple perception of the situation or facts

I pride myself on the fact that I have common sense. These days, nothing around this world seems to make any sense. I mean, one minute things are quiet, the next there is a mass explosion! It seems like some people nowadays seem to feel they need to be heard, like back in the primative days. I guess some people get tired of talking to one another and reaching an agreement. I feel that politics nowadays adds fuel to the fire! The election process if bizarre. I mean it is what it is, but really? Chosing to be ignorant in life is a disease. Luckily, there is a cure for ignorance. It is called education. Be smart. Get smart. Use common sense.

Believe in Yourself;
Luisa Doraz

A First for ME



Well, you have to believe me when I say that is actually me out there you see in the water. What am I doing? Well, my second son bought a KAYAK, with all of the gear. He insisted that I try it out! I could not leave until I did! I have to admit, I was a bit on the hesitant side. I would have rather had on my bathing suit instead of my new clothes I just got! I could see that my son REALLY wanted to see what would happen, so I did it! I am now hooked. I adjusted quickly to the balance issue. I got accustomed to getting wet! I sat in a puddle of water the whole time, put my pants finally dried! Once I got into the groove of kayaking, I did not want to stop! So, I guess I did learn that YOU CAN teach an old dog new tricks! lol Have fun!

Believe in Yourself;

Luisa Doraz


Do you have an opinion about the 2012 Presidential campaign?

Motivational quote

Friendship with ones self is all important, because without it one cannot be friends with anyone else in the world.
Eleanor Roosevelt


Empty nest syndrome anyone?

How did you handle going through empty nest syndrome? If you do not have kids yet, how do you think you would  handle it???

Defined by Wikipedia……

Empty nest syndrome is a general feeling of loneliness that parents or guardians may feel when one or more of their children leave home; it is more common in women. The marriage of a child can lead to similar feelings, with the role and influence of the parents often becoming less important compared to the new spouse.

A strong maternal or paternal bond between the parent and child can make the condition worse. The role of the parent while the child is still living with them is more hands-on and immediate than is possible when they have moved out, particularly if the distance means that visits are difficult.

 Social and cultural factors

When children move away, mothers can get what is called “Empty Nest Syndrome”, which is generally accepted as the lonely, abandoned feeling of the home being empty. In order to fill the void of the empty house, many people look for something that is living and breathing that will take their mind off of their feelings, like a pet.

Empty nest syndrome has become more prevalent in modern times, as the extended family is becoming less common than in past generations.

In many cultures, such as those in Africa, India, the Middle East, and East Asia, one’s elderly parents are held in very high esteem and it is considered almost a duty to care for and respect them. In contrast to most Western societies, extended families were common in those places. However, nowadays, even in these countries, as cities become more Westernized and industrialized, values are gradually changing. It is sometimes rather inconvenient or impractical to live with or care extensively for one’s parents in a modern setting. Empty nest syndrome is starting to surface in some of those nations and regions as well, where traditional values come in conflict with Westernization. This has been especially the case for Hong Kong and India.

“Do or do not… there is no try.”…I AM OFF*

I have a lot of stuff I have to do.
Trying to do them is not working.
Part of the reason is because I am taking too much time doing things I really do not need to be doing…right now.
Blogging is one of them.
There are many, believe me.
I am happy to be here to do them… I just need to “Do or do not…there is no try.”
So, excuse my absence. I can not make any guess as to when I will return. I only know that I will return…one day.
Until then, I wish you ALL the very best. You have been so loving and supportive of me and my crazy ways. I appreciate that. I will miss you all. Those of you who have been with me for a long time…I will be thinking of you even more. Even though we have never met in person, I feel as if we have been close friends for soooo lomg.
Stay happy and healthy,

Have a smile on your face every day.
Enjoy life to the fullest.

Believe in Yourself;

Luisa Doraz



I am soo lucky to have sooo many blogging friends in our community who always think of me when it comes to awarding “SPECIAL GIFTS.” I have a page dedicated to them all. I am sooo thankful to each and everyone of you who pass these special gifts to me. This gift is sooo pretty. I LOVE pink. If you do too, please feel free to have the honor of my passing this gift to you. You will have to visit my friends:







to get all of the details. Be sure you spend some time at their blogs…like I do.







really do a wonderful job and are all very talented and entertaining. To see even more special gifts I have received, just go to the link below. Have a fun time blogging. THANK YOU ALL VERY MUCH.


When it’s time to take a senior citizen’s license away!….VIDEO