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  1. That is sooo crazy!

  2. OK! it’s time for him to start taking the bus, no questions asked.

  3. Wowzers! I am at work and can’t hear the audio but that is just plain weird and scary!

  4. omg that was hilarious lol xxx hope I dont get like that wait I am already hahaha

  5. That looks like so much fun. lol

  6. omg….haha…i cant believe they drove over the cop car and kept reving the engine…lol.

  7. oh my dear heavenly father above. That is WILD!!!


  8. This does not surprise me I just got home from driving around in town. Driving young and old seems to be getting worse. Funny video

  9. Oh my, this made me laugh soooo much…you are so funny. And I needed a good laugh on this busy day!
    ~ Amanda x (Have a wonderful day)

  10. can’t wait to show this to my husband just one more reason he’ll be glad to retire in about 41 days..he’s been a police officer 25 years and oh the stories he tells..geez and in answer to the question above.in post title..Yesterday! Today is too late and if you wait tomorrow may never come!

  11. I think he thought R stood for Race not reverse

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