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How Everipedia Plus (EP+) can change your LIFE

Everipedia Plus is a premium service offer to esteemed individuals and organizations who are looking for experienced wiki editors to create scholarly entries for themselves and their businesses. The program was launched in July of 2017 and it is headed by Executive Editor Dave Liebowitz.[1]​

History and Development

Everipedia Plus came into existence after a constructive conversation among Everipedia’s Founding Team concluded that there is a market of people whose image is emphasized by their career who would benefit from a scholarly wiki entry about them. Liebowitz took it upon himself to plan out the logistics of the service and research what people are looking for in their own wiki. He linked up with Marketing Expert and Thought Leader Rob Fajardo and they soon established a symbiotic relationship of finding clients, authoring content, and creating happy customers.

Current Features Offered

Verified Page and Account
In-house Editors write the content
No ads
Locked Page to protect content from vandalism
24/7 Prioritized customer support


If you are interested in having an EP+ page, please contact Dave Liebowitz at

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Just Thought I’d Ask You This Question……..1/25*

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I love this! Freedom! It is the greatest thing to have! It is the worst thing to lose! I never take my freedom for granted. I see, on a daily basis, the horror and anguish of people all over the world who lose theirs! I can only imagine the pain they must be going through. It makes me wonder if those of us who are free, really appreciate and understand its meaning, So, I just thought I’d ask you this question:

What does freedom mean to you?

Laugh….National symbol changed by government……a CONDOM????????

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