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My Poems

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us


The inhabitants of this world…
Seek to exist in harmony…
The destruction prevents this…
The pain and suffering delays this.

Each morning brings another chance…
Each moment shares another dream…
Each smile makes all more tolerable…
Each embrace leaves a feeling of peace.

Do what you can in your corner of this world…
To help surround the air with hope…
To help the weary take another step…
To help each and everyone of us feel special and loved.

Would this really be so hard to do?
Would this really take much time?
Sharing of your knowledge…
Sharing of your talents..
Just learning the art of sharing.

Believe in yourself.
Know that you can make a difference.
Know that your feelings count.
Know that you are the one making those choices.

Believe in Yourself;

Luisa Doraz

Savouring the Moments*

As I embark on my journey through time travel

I am reminded of my childhood days

Chasing the chickens around the yard

Eating lots of Italian food

Going fishing with my Dad

Getting my siblings into trouble with my mother

and enjoying every moment with a fresh-baked cookie.

As I travel into my adult life

I am greeted with many passages

Some I see a smile on my face

Some I only notice tears

I do remind myself that I need to savour every second in my life

I do not want to miss the energy floating in my direction

I do want to accept any challenges sent my way

I find them easier to handle that way

When I am in a state of delusion of the world

I find time travel to be a comfort.

Believe in Yourself;

Luisa Doraz


Believe that what is to be done will
Believe it is not in your control
The answer will be revealed
The path chosen

Stay strong in your understanding
That there is a message for you to hear
Listen very carefully

Fall back on your inner strength
Hold on to your faith

What happens will happen

You will adjust to the terms

You will maintain your dignity and self-respect

You will always focus on survival

Believe in Yourself;

So I am thinking about the world

Wondering how everyone can get feed EVERY day

I am sad that so many are not well

I am wondering how I can help

I wish I had unlimited funds available

I would divide them all fairly

I would make sure everyone had a place to live

That everyone could feel the embrace of LOVE

As I get deeper into my thoughts

I begin to notice a weight on my shoulders

I am gravitated to my chair

To reflect on the world as it is

The more I reflect

The more I realize that I am only one

I realize that the world needs to unite

The world needs to be reading the same book

So now what I am doing is packing up my RV

I need a distraction

I need to see the BEAUTY of the world

I need to remain balanced

so I can do my part

Believe in Yourself;

Luisa Doraz


May you cherish the memories you have of your mother

Close to your heart and soul

May you have experienced the love

That only a devoted mother can show

May you have had many hours of laughter

Many hours of joy

May you appreciate the beauty

That only a mother can show

May you be given the honor

In raising children of your own

May you accept the privilege

Of feeling the true embrace of love

Unconditional love from children

Should not be taken lightly

Show respect for the young ones

They will show you some in return

May you be blessed with a magical Mother’s Day.

Believe in Yourself;

Luisa Doraz

I know someone hears me
I sense it in my heart
I know I am not alone
Even though days I succumb to that fear

One day I will be relieved of all of my burdens
I will be like those around me in this world I now live in
I must remain patient for this day
I must not be defeated

Others will learn of my existence
Compassion flowing from their hearts
Love is universal
Love is the ultimate power

If you feel it in your hearts, please show me love
I will gladly return it with my smiles

Knots are meant to make our life more simple
Unless they manage to land in your stomach
Then they become unwanted and feared
For the pain and sorrow that are attached to them

Each day I am reminded of the gifts I have embraced
Life. Family. Love. Peace. Health.
When I am torn with another’s suffering
I am drawn to these gifts for comfort

With this comfort I am able to do what I must
To bring smiles and laughter to others
Who would rather be shedding tears
But welcome the temporary joy

I ask you all to keep my friend Rod in your thoughts and prayers
He has been like a father to me and I love him
May he find the strength to battle his illness
and find peace…once again.

I thank you all.


What is it that makes me continue with my journey in life
Is it the curiosity
Is it the awareness factor
Is it the desire to live
What makes some of us think we can do anything,
and some of us think we are failures
Is it a matter of how we grew up
Is it a path that has been chosen
Or do we decide what is and what is not
Do we have the power to take charge
Is it most of us who ask these questions, or only me
Am I alone in this universe, or do I have a family with the same thoughts
Sometimes I think that attitude is the key to all doors.
Yes, my attitude is..most definitely my biggest reward.
I will keep my positive attitude, no matter what is selected for me to consume.
I will stay focused and alert.
I will not surrender!

Believe in Yourself;

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Luisa Doraz

Whack…It hit me
I was not alone in this world
Aside from my personal beliefs
I also realized I had a family
They sometimes make me wish I was an ostrich
so I could escape from the craziness for a while
but, most of the time ..I welcome those comfy pillows being flung my way
I love pillow fights
I love belonging
I love silliness in my world
Hey, I guess I


Twisting in all directions
Looking for a way out
I can not seem to find it
Where is all the help when I need it

Have I been forgotten
Have all my memories been erased
Why are you chasing after me
What did I ever do to deserve such a treatment

Go away
Let me sleep in peace
I need to have a smile… not a frown
Back off….I do not want you around anymore
Are you gone

I awake in happiness

I hate it!
I hate that I can figure out what people got me for Christmas!
I swear I do not peek!
I always know what is in the package!
Does that make it bad?
I always act surprised.
I do not want to ruin it for others.
How do I do it, you ask?
Do I have ESP or something?
I do not believe so!
I think I figure it out by the questions people ask me.
I KNOW why they are asking them!
I try to answer differently, so MAYBE I can be surprised…sometime.

I will let you know if it works.
Do you figure out what you are getting?
Just wondering?

I have to stay focused
Is this really important
Do we need to discuss this now
I have time sensitive matters
Do yours apply

If they do, let me hear them
If they don’t, put them on hold
Deadlines are life’s reality
Opinions are just that, an opinion

Can we learn to weigh the issues
Can we take the heavier end of the scale first
Lighter concerns can stay on simmer
We can not have too many overdone

Sound like a plan to you
I just do not have the time
I need to prioritize
My family comes first……always

Understand that…

I plan on being who I am
So, you plan on being you
I plan on telling it like I see it
You plan on whatever is your way
I plan on looking at life with a positive twist
You can do whatever makes it real for you
I plan on seeing the beauty in people
You can continue to make faces
I plan on keeping it real
You can do whatever makes it easy for you
We both have journeys to complete
How we do it only matters to us

I know someone hears me
I sense it in my heart
I know I am not alone
Even though days I succumb to that fear

One day I will be relieved of all of my burdens
I will be like those around me in this world I now live in
I must remain patient for this day
I must not be defeated

Others will learn of my existence
Compassion flowing from their hearts
Love is universal
Love is the ultimate power

If you feel it in your hearts, please show me love
I will gladly return it with my smiles

When I give myself permission
to unburden myself with reality,
I find that my positive energy is lifted
to a height it has missed in the days past.
Once again I can overcome those moments in life
that have a tendency to come in a back door
that I dream will just stay closed forever.
Then I realize that those moments give me the strength
to continue with my journey in this life,
as I see and learn over every occurrence.
Then I am at peace with the dishes I am served.
Believe in Yourself;

Oh, I hear you all right.
I am just ignoring you.
You know, the way you do
when I need your ear.
So, let’s just keep playing
make believe, alright with you?
Let’s pretend we care about each other,
even though we really don’t.
Come to think of it,
why are we together?
Guess I am out of here.
Oh, what did you say?
I didn’t hear you?

Believe in Yourself;

Why do you say
something you do not mean
and then ask for forgiveness?
Are you on a mission to hurt
all others who embrace life?
Do you feel you are not worthy
of a world offering you love?
Is your cry for help worthy
of recognition without causing
you any shame?
It is, I say
You are not alone
You have the strength to succeed
you have only to move ahead
dignity and honor intact.
I believe in you
Do you wish to believe?
Believe in Yourself;

Is a poet a poet because of the words they write on paper?
Or are they a poet because of the sorrow they feel in their heart?
Does a poet really understand how people feel?
Or are they just pretending their path in life?
Does a poet have the courage to speak the truth within?
Or does a poet write what their audience wants to hear?
What kind of poet am I?
Or would some even question why I give myself this description?
Whatever it may be…
Poetry is very special TO ME*

Believe in Yourself;

Thinking that if life holds the magic and we have the key…what room do we enter?
Is it a multiple choice question or is it an essay?
Do we have to worry that we will fail, or do we all pass, no matter what the choice is that we make?
I would like to think that all answers count for the final grade. Maybe we need to consider all answers as true…for they are true to each of us who writes them. So I will keep trying all the keys I find in life, until I find the one that fits best!

I am a princess for the day.
Everyone has to listen to every word I say.
You have to say I am smart, even if you think not.
You have to tell me I am pretty, and you can’t say it while you are being silly!
You have to make me feel like the best.
If you don’t, I will place you under arrest!
So be smart and do as you are told,
or I will have to kiss you and turn you into someone REALLY OLD!
So There!

I won!
I did it!
I did not think I could,
but I beat the odds!
What a champ I am!
What a warrior I be!
I could just skip around all day
bragging to everyone I see!
But, I would rather be in my glory,
all by myself.
What fun that would be.
I am my best friend.
Who better to share things with
..then me!
Smiling is contagious.
I will smile all day!

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

He was a very enthusiastic lad.
Who wanted, so much, to please his dad
He stood for bravery, honor, and pride
But, while doing so..unfortunately died

He left behind the symbol of hope
So while pursuing our dreams, we could cope
He gave us the courage to go on
Even though, from this world he is gone.

Freedom lives because of you
True Americans will NEVER forget all you knew
Fighting for your country was a dedication you accepted with all your heart
I only hope we will be as worthy to do our part.

So, when you look down upon us from above
I hope you can feel all of our love
I hope all Americans feel your pride
I hope they decide to join the right side.

Thank You to ALL who fought for us all.


Luisa Doraz

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Well, could I do better?
I suppose we all can
I do give it my all in life
Do you expect more from me?

I don’t see you holding back
You’re in it for the long ride
I sense your frustrations and fears
Yet, you go full speed ahead

That helps me, you know
I suppose we all try our best, right?
Or are there people out there who expect us to carry them?
Who will carry us?

I require excellence in my life
Nothing but the best in attitude for me
I am going to die with dignity
I will have my self respect

You ?

Believe in Yourself;

Luisa Doraz



If you should decide
To take this path I will share with you
Be cautious of it’s limitations
Be careful what you may do

For when you least expect it
Emotions will be on display
If you are too weak to give assistance
You best be on your way

Yet, when happiness is the ruler
You too shall reap rewards
You too will be the mighty one
You too will not be bored

Come join me on my journey
Each step may bring us pain
Yet, each step will bring us moments
When we will also be “Dancing in the rain.”

Luisa Doraz



You will always be my little girl
Don’t you ever forget that is the case
I will keep you safe and watch over you
Even after I have passed from this place

You take time to see what is around you
Learn all there is to learn with zest
Always maintain your dignity and patience
Even when you are put to the toughest test

People have knowledge to share
Listen and care to understand
Do not be too quick to think
They would not be willing to lend a helping hand

Laugh, smile, live and enjoy
Do not be too serious with your woes and cares
For they too will be sure to pass
Have faith, hope, and love…for many,many years

I was proud of you since the day you were born
I was impressed with everything you learned to do
Don’t ever forget where you came from
Don’t ever forget I will always love you



When I think of life
I think of you,
I remember the times we had
I realize now they were too few.
I never suspected
I had never a clue
That you would walk out the door
That you would be untrue

Our love was supposed to be forever,
Our love was to carry us through
the good, the bad, and the ugly,
But the only ugly one is you

I will never forget all the horror
I will never forget all the pain
I will never be the person you first met
I will never be the same.

It is because of you
Can you live with that
Do you even care
Or would you rather remain the person in history
who put me where I am today
That is all I have to say

I hope you are having a miserable life
So you will know how I feel
And don’t sit there and have the nerve to say
This is NOT really a big deal

-” My Cherished Memories”-

What happened?
Why is it so dark?
Where did you go?
I wasn’t finished sharing with you.
It’s not fair.
Come back.
I won’t be mad.
I promise.
I just want to laugh with you.
I have things to tell you.
I have more things to say!
But, I guess I’ll have to wait,
Until I see you again.
Don,t forget me.
I’ll NEVER forget you.
I’ll have “my cherished memories” to
help me get through my
suffering…..”What did you say?”
You do not want me to cry? You want me to smile.
You want me to keep your spirit alive?
You want me to talk about you?

I’ll always love you.
Bye for now.



“You want me for my money.
You want me for my looks.
Did you ever stop to think,
you should want me for who I am?

You want me for fixing things,
You want me to take out the trash.
You want me to mow the lawn,
Meanwhile, you refer to me as an ass!

You want me when it is on your terms.
You want me when you need a friend.
What about what I need?
I guess it doesn’t matter, in the end!

Why don’t we join forces.
Why don’t we become a team?
That seems the better way to handle problems,
Or so it would seem.

Let’s stop all this wanting.
Let’s plan our lives in tune.
We will be unstoppable,
Do you think we can do it soon?????”



“I am depressed.

Leave me alone!

Don’t try to touch me.

Don’t call me on my phone.

Don’t pretend you care,

Don’t even give me that!

Just leave me to my misery.

I am happy with that fact.

I need some time to think.

I need some time to rest.

Can’t you understand that concept?

It is really for the best.

I will come back and conquer.

I will come back and cheer.

I will be myself in no time.

You really have nothing to fear.

Don’t you remember this happened before?

Don’t you remember what I did?

Well, just allow me this freedom.

Just allow me this gig.

I’m fine.

I’m ok.

I Thank You.

I love you, too.”



Make believe you found a million dollars.

What would you do?

Would you call and tell somebody special.

Can you think of who?

Maybe you would go to the bank.

Would you give them ALL you found?

Maybe you should keep just a bit,

and have fun spending it around.

You always wanted a new car,

and maybe some jewelry too.

How about a new hairstyle and new clothes?

Sound good to you?

I would put the money in the bank,

and spend some of it too.

I would buy some things for family and friends,

Would that be you?



It’s great to have family!

They’re amusing as Hell!

When we all get together,

all we do is YELL, YELL, YELL!

I am especially amused,

When the grandparents say,

” One day I’ll be dead and you’ll

be sorry you acted this way!”

Then the parents chime in

and say, “Shut up, that’s not nice!.”

I am ready to say something,

but I just ” stop ” and think twice!

Why bother, I figure

It all sounds the same,

I guess we have anxiety

and stress to blame!

But when the pleasant event is

all said and done,

We give each other hugs good-bye,

and say “THIS WAS FUN!”

You figure it out!

I will win, not you!

Just stop it.

It doesn’t work anymore.

Do you think I’m stupid?

Do you think I’m gone?

Well, I’m here.

I am not going to surrender.

I am going to fight.

You can not bring me down.

You can not win the war.

I will.

I am stronger.

I am better.

I am a person who believes.

I am a person who lives!


Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

What is it about the Holidays?

What makes us feel like we do?

Some of us are excited and happy,

Some of us are just blue!

Maybe we think too much.

Maybe we should just let them be.

Just step back and watch.

They can be pretty funny!

Someone will do something stupid,

Someone else will smile at you,

Someone will be in a bad mood,

Someone will be crazy and fun,

Just like you!

So I guess what I am saying,

Is to just let it be.

Try to see the good,

and ignore the ugly!


Believe in Yourself!


33 Responses

  1. Wow, nice poems! I write myself…
    Keep it up!

  2. Thank You for stopping by. Good Writing to you! Do you have a post I can check out too?

  3. Hi Doraz!I loved the poem on Family.. Its beautiful!!

  4. Family leaves a lot to be said, huh? Thanks!

  5. nice… i really enjoyed the first one!

  6. Why, thank you…dirty! Thanks for stopping by and spending some time here! Appreciate it!

  7. My pick is on the family one.

  8. Wow! U put my own poems to shame..LOL

  9. Jamesesz, you are too nice, but thanks!!!

  10. UR A REEL Poet CAPPP. YOU think your so cool for blogging.

  11. wow…your poems are amazing!….i appreciate your work coz it somehow freshens up young minds like us..keep up the good work!:-)

  12. Kaval…the more you use the mind…the longer it hangs around!
    Have fun writing poems!
    I love it~~~~:)

    Poems are fun~~
    Poems are not just words~~~
    Poems are who we are!~~~~~

  13. Hi 🙂 Very nice poems. I love the family one and the last one, so inspiring.

  14. You have got a really nice blog, with loads of stuff to read. I would like to add your blog in my blogroll.

    Keep up the good thing.

  15. hello Luisa. many thanks for visiting my blog today, and I am pleased because I had issues getting onto your blog, I clicked your name and hey presto and what a find, these poems are simply beautiful, the imagery is superb, very well written and classical xx

  16. re poem “I PLAN ON” …

    This is a wonderful poem. It shows your determination.
    It shows your courage.
    I shows your will to survive.
    It shows your hope.
    It shows your plan.

    God bless and help you in all that you do. I avery moved by this poem. Your heart is pure and full of goodwill to all who show love to you.
    You reach out to so many.
    Here is my love for you… take it in the form of my words here and let it join all the other love that swells and abides in your dear heart for so many others.

    John 🙂

  17. re poem I DO NOT HAVE THE TIME….

    Wow! this is powerful, direct, emphatic, I love it.
    As a fellow poet I wish you could post more on your front pages in between your wonderful jokes .. these poems deserve a front page.. this one is awesome!


    • John….You do have a way of making me smile! Thanks! What I usually do is run my poems on the frontpage, and then I also put them in this special page…so I can find them easier when I need to! lol 🙂

  18. Wow, all of these are filled with so many good words, I found some lines I could relate to, very insightful, your writing makes me feel good, thanks

  19. You do a great job in writing…
    beautiful work… amazing pieces…
    loved it, learned it,

    keep rocking!!! 🙂

  20. Wonderful poems… Life, feelings and so nice thoughts they all expressed by a wise pen… I loved your poetry dear Doraz, Thank you for sharing with us. Love, nia

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