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DORAZ gets an AWARD*

My good blogging friend….Alina…has been nice enough to share this great award she got with me. I wanted to send a big THANK YOU out to Alina ….and tell her it gave me a BIG SMILE! I hope all of you will take a few moments to visit Alina. She has MANY wonderful photos and MANY wonderful music videos on her blog. She is very creative! So, thank you Alina for being such a supportive blogging friend! I LOVE YOUR BLOG! I hope everyone has a chance to visit!

15 Responses

  1. happy for you,

    you deserve it, 😉

  2. thats nice.
    well done doraz

  3. Congrats once again ! 🙂

  4. congratulations on your award much deserved, lovely pics ..

  5. Huzzah!

  6. Congrats! You are wonderful!!

  7. Congratulations Luisa!

  8. Your welcome,Doraz 😀

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