Something to Smile Over……….*)*

A list of the worst possible things to hear before, during, or after a rectal exam.

1. Somebody’s been working out.
2. Before we start I should tell you, I have enormous hands.
3. God, my fingers feel like icicles.
4. Oh man, it’s a little late now, but I’m out of clean gloves. Don’t worry, the guy before you was clean as a whistle.
5. Was I wearing my ring before the exam?
6. Ooo … me likey!
7. Oh crap, I broke a nail.
8. Look man, no hands!
9. Dude, you’re like the world’s biggest ventriloquist’s dummy right now.
10. Hey man, I don’t know what it was and I know this is wrong but… what are you doing after this? I can move some appointments around and- hey! Where are you going? Don’t you walk away from me! We were magical! I know where you live!
11. Wow, that’s the smoothest whatever-the-hell-that-is I’ve ever felt.
12. I don’t want you to panic or anything… but I’m stuck.
13. Yahtzee!
14. You know I’m not a real doctor, right?

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9 Responses

  1. Well, something to think about on this one! LOL

  2. Not a Doctor! Bad news here! LMAO!

  3. I am sure this type of talk is more true than false! Ha Ha Ha LOL

  4. oh Doraz! That’s SO funny ,Thanks for the chuckle. Now there’s a job.

  5. All in a day! *)*

  6. I had to read that again out loud this time to my husband. He had a good laugh too!

  7. Oh wow, I can’t stop laughing!! Those are FUNNY!!

    Those are DEFINATELY things I would NOT want to hear before, during or after a rectal exam!!


  8. *fingers in ears singing la, la, la, la, la*….I have to have this done this year!!! *lalalalalalalalalalala* I’m not listening!!!!

  9. Sorry Joy! I will try to remember that in the future! Gary, we need to help her out! LOL Ha Ha Ha*(* You too, Starla!

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