Attack of the Tight Jeans……….*)*

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Stop laughing! Not nice! You are suppose to feel sorry for me! ALL my jeans are officially tight. I wish I had not thrown away those “fat” jeans! I figure I will use psychology on myself and it did not work! How I managed to gain those FEW extra pounds to not allow my jeans to fit, I do not know! That’s a lie! I do know! Stop laughing-)* Really, why would just a “few” pounds make all the difference? Could it be because they all targeted my butt and stomach???? I go to the gym. I “try” to eat the right foods. I drink lots of water. I do not get enough sleep. They say that people who sleep the required hours are better with weight! I know, you are thinking AGE! Well, it is NOT that! No, I am NOT in denial…just a few pounds too fat! So, I decided to use another hair brain idea! I am going to , every day, no matter what, wear a pair of jeans. That way when I go to eat that cookie, or go to have an ice cream..I will think twice. Right? Clever idea, huh? WRONG! I have learned to get past that problem and continue with my journey to food I desire….I just unbutton my pants! YES!_)*

Believe in Yourself;

Luisa Doraz

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  1. Cute blog. Thanks for the smile!


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  3. If they are officially tight ,whatever it means. ,it is better to get new ones instead of walking with help up stomach etc.

  4. My husband and I have both had a problem with the dryer shrinking our pants lately you may look into that Doraz it could be as simple as that! It’s a shock when you put on a pair of your favorite pants and they are snug. Why did you bring that up ? I almost forgot about those pants hmmm.

  5. Luisa, I’ll bet it’s your dryer. I think your jeans shrunk!! Mine does that to mine also!!

  6. That’s what I do Luisa! I just unbutton my jeans and eat the foods I enjoy!

    Life and food were meant to be enjoyed! ENJOY!!!

  7. Doraz, I’ll relieve you of those extra pounds!

  8. I’m sorry Starla if it seems I ignored your comment but yours wasn’t there when I made mine. Yes, it is the dastardly dryer!!! I’m sticking to that!

  9. be thankful for your ample wardrobe.

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