Just Thought I’d Ask You This Question…….2/21*

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How do you think your nose looks on your face?

8 Responses

  1. Sometimes like a nose ,sometimes like a hose. But take it from me, I am not a nosey type.

  2. When I was young, I hated my nose. It’s to big!! But as I grew up I realized that I had my grandpa’s nose which my dad also has so now I have comfort in that fact. Funny how things bother us when we are young and comfort us as we “get older.” Not that I wanted to bring up age or anything 😉

  3. I think it looks BIG! I come from a long line of “big nosers”. 🙂

    • I grew up wit han “Italian” nose, until I had to have surgery I had also broken my nose…twice…another story…and had a deviated septum. While under, the Dr. just shaved off some cartilage, and now I have a “regular” nose!.

  4. it’s been shiny but i don’t know why.

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