Excuse Me, I CAN hear…..!!!!!!

Everywhere I went today, it seemed like whoever talked to me thought I had a hearing problem! Could it be because I was wearing a BlueTooth on my ear? Or could it be because they have a hearing problem, so they think everyone else does? Or could it be because they just like to talk LOUD when they are speaking to anyone! Have you ran into these people? (Ooops, hope you are not one of them..sorry!) I was just minding my own business today at the grocery store, when this person next to me commented on the weather. They were basically shouting out the wind factor, the temperture, and what the forecast would be for tomorrow! They were so loud, that someone in the other aisle shouted back, “Thank You!” I kid you not! I just looked at them and smiled. I then thanked them for the information. Then I grabbed a box of cookies I did not even want, and got the hell out of there! I had a headache! Sorry~~~~~~I was not in the mood to strike up a conversation with this person! Was I mean, or what?

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8 Responses

  1. I will fake cell phone calls at the airport if someone gets overly chatty.

    I also once told someone that I didn’t speak English in a very bad slavic accent…

    both worked

  2. That’s Hilarious! Thanks for the good points! Have fun this weekend! LOL

  3. My husband and oldest son have hearing problems so my youngest son and I have a tendency to talk loud. It was either that or repeat everything more than 14 times!! I try to keep my voice down though unless I’m talking to either of them.

    Random conversations, I’m not a huge fan of them either but will nod and smile just to be polite!!

    Right, you really didn’t want those cookies??!!?!?!?! Is that the story your sticking to?? LOL!!!

  4. You got me figured out, Joy! Ha Ha Ha

  5. My step son has this problem. He talks LOUD! Knowing that most people are annoyed by adults that do this, we have been trying to break him of this habit for quite a while now. We don’t know where he got this habit but he is just LOUD.

    Since you purchased cookies you didn’t want anyway, uhhhhh……I could take them off your hands.

  6. I am a loud/chatty person magnet! If there is someone in the store who wants to talk they will eventually find me! I try to be nice most of the time but some days you just want to be left alone.
    I have been known to make a fake phone call too!

  7. Your son is trying to talk over your loud voice! Admit it now, Gary! Ha Ha Ha
    Oh, by the way…those cookies were gone in a few hours! Sorry!~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

  8. Just a Mom, you may want to try wearing a cap and some shades, like I do!!! Then you have them wondering if you are a “movie” person, so they leave you alone!!!Ha Ha If they manage to catch up with me, I use the old ” Gotta go to the bathroom” routine! Good Luck!

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