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  1. I tell them right off I am not interested and I say good bye.

  2. I screen my calls. I am not interested in talking to those people. We want our peace at home!

  3. I let the answering machine fill up, set the phone to a non-ring and wait.

  4. I have a few people who call me that come up “out of area” or “unknown caller” so if I think it may be them I’ll answer but then I’ll say, “I’m sorry, I’m not interested” and hang up. I HATE that. It always seems to be right as we’ve sat down to dinner.

  5. Stephanie, brilliant idea! Why didn’t I think of that! Thanks!

  6. I like to see what the people have to say if I have time, if not I will tell them I have to go. I feel sorry for them.

  7. Well, I have two things I love to do. One is, I tell them I am the babysitter and they need to call back. The other is, I put them on hold…they eventually hang up! On rare occasion, I actually listen to them…at least they are trying! I guess it depends on what mood I am in! LOL *)*

  8. We let ’em talk to the answering machines. (This leads our friends to think we’re screening when we’re in fact not home.)

  9. I usually politely say no thank you and disconnect.

  10. I politely let them know I’m not interested and hang up before I get an ear full of rebuttle. 🙂

  11. We like to put them on hold and then we place the phone down next to the TV. They usually hang up fast when they have to listen to Fox News! 🙂

  12. You know Just a Mom, you might be on to something with that comment! LOL

  13. Here in Australia the Government has a “Telemarketers Do Not Call Register”. You go to the website & register your phone number. It is then illegal for them to call anyone on the list. Some still call so I tell them that I am on the Government DNC Register & it is illegal for them to be calling me. Then I ask for their phone number & which company they are from so I can report them for calling me. They ALWAYS hang up straight away.

  14. The picture is dead. Sorry, can’t comment on it.
    I simply interrupt them and say, “I don’t wish to participate, have a nice day.” I’ve been mean at times but my husband says I shouldn’t.

  15. And like Tony, I’m on the DO NOT CALL register and so is my mobile.

  16. silence usually works. you know that you can always hang up.

  17. Boy, I just had a chance to read what everyone wrote! You guys are all VERY creative when it comes to people invading YOUR space! I appreciate ALL the suggestions! It is great that Australia has those laws set! At least you have a BIT of control over the whole mess! Thanks to all for your comments. I really enjoyed them all! *)*

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