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I’M SICK OF IT…..a series of thoughts/questions I have …..4/23/12

Do you believe that you are rich in life if you have your family, friends, faith,and good health?

I answer that with a YES, FOR SURE!

If I did not have my family and friends, I would be going in all directions with my head. I believe the support and love you can get from your family and friends is VERY important to your mental health. There may be times when you get angry with them, but your/their LOVE will get you past it. I remember it is not my place to judge, so I always allow others to express themselves without that fear. My personal faith is something I really cherish. I do not take things for granted. I appreciate. I am so lucky to be in pretty good health. Like all of us out there, I do have issues. I do not let them control my choices in life.I feel like I won the lottery everyday I open my eyes .

Believe in Yourself;

Luisa Doraz


10 Responses

  1. We have to look at each seperately
    -Family, yes you should have to support .But not necessarily those other than your wife/husband and sons/daughter . The others can cretae a lot of disharmony by deliberating twisting your words -Of late I find nobody keeps a secret (especially if you tell them it is a secret).
    Friends –Yes, you can confide everything in them , except of course something about some other common friend(which is unnecesary in the first place) -They are more dependable than your relatives . I still have friends who studied with me in school —
    Health -There is a saying which ,if translated ,means , good health is boundless wealth -I have seen rich people confined to bed in hospitals for years -Just meaningless life –If you keep a check on your diet after 40 yrs you will be half well off –I am saying half well off becoz what is ordained for you is waiting to attend on you-This is my firm belief – Keep healthy as long as you can-
    My policy is that when some one tells you something it is meant for you ie for information only and not for broadcasting –

    • Thank you Lviss. That is so true. I do not spread gossip. I do not think that is too cool to do. If others want to spread gossip about me, I really do not care.I never speak words I do not want repeated. I believe that when a person tries to remember what they said to who they said it…it is too confusing. I do not want my blood pressure rising! So, I give anyone the chance to express their opinion. The final decision is what I have chosen for me. Hope you have a safe and happy week. 🙂

      • More on my last sentence. When I hear anything from somebody I send it to the recycle bin in my mind so that I wont tell it to some one else by mistake –I have put myself in some embarassing moments .
        On a less serious note –What do you get when a blonde blows into anothers ears –Data transfer

  2. What you have issues? Just kidding we all have issues huh? I hope your visit with you son is or has been wonderful. Family is first and foremost that and friends. They really do make the other stuff easier to handle in life. I am very thankful and greatful for all of the above. Iam also greatful for my health. I’m doing my best or at least part of my best to exercise more and eat more fruits and veggis. So that I can give my good health a place to flurish. :+)

  3. Family can serve as an anchor during troubled times…it is good that you have such a fine relationship with them.

  4. A YES from me. Wealth is definitely more than money

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