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  1. “I sure hope my husband doesn’t see me?”

  2. a fat lady

  3. When did Kilroy get a sex-change operation?

  4. Hmm..the first thought which caem in my mind on seeing the pic was – I’m scared ..where to hide?

  5. i think she’s thinking this “ohhhhhh hansel and gretel, i’m gonna get the two of you sooooooon, you two little piggies, yum yum yum bwahahaha”

  6. aaaahhhh is that HOW hooomans make out????????


  8. Don’t come any closer! I had onions at lunch!

  9. Makes me think of an old constipation advert.

  10. “this time i’m quite sure
    i definitely bit off
    more than I can chew…

    …Now if I can just get my damn teeth out of it!!! ARG!”

    Thanks for the smile! Cheers and Namaste. 🙂

    • That is HILARIOUS! I can see her thinking that! Thanks for the smile! 🙂

      • Hey! Warning….completely unrelated techno question!!! Ms. Doraz, could You please tell me how in the world You put things with Java script in Your widgets column??? I found the COOLEST moon calendar that I’m going to share on my post this evening, and I’m trying to load a customized java version, but I’ll be ding-dang-donged! I can’t figure it out!

        Thanks for whatever You can toss my way…:)

        • That question would require the knowledge of my teenage son who is my computer consultant…and he is at the movies with my hubby. I will get back to you asap~~~~:)

          • Grazi!!! 🙂

          • I will try my best…
            Go to your dashboard…..go to appearance….hit widget…..
            Go down to …text…drag it over to where you want it…either sidebar 1 or sidebar 2…release and it should be in the box.
            Label it whatever you want. Clicl it open. You can put your text into the box now. Be sure to save it and close out. Your little figure is entered by ENTER THE SIZES YOU WANT…

            GOOD LUCK

          • It won’t let me type in the figures without posting it again. Hope you have that figured out!

        • My son says he needs to know exactly what you are referring to before he can answer the question……BlaH bLAH bLAH….:)

          • God. You guys are SO nice! 🙂 Okay, there’s something I want to put in my widget column, a calendar of the moon’s cycle. You can customize it so that it’s a clock and the colour you want, but that requires javascript and flashplayer capabilities. My browser shows both, so I think I’m loaded and good. But when I try to load this, it comes out just all the writing or half the graphics, half writing. It’s okay because they have a flat, lifeless version that works. But see how You have all that stuff to the left, like the crazy lady for me? (Which I LOVE!!!) How did You load that and make it work? If You guys are annoyed by this question, or it’s too much, no worries!!!!!
            Thank You and Cheers!

  11. Woman lying face down on the road after being hit by a car, that was my first thought

  12. I just noticed FT in you pictorial blogroll, cool!!!

  13. I hope I am wearing my depends on that one! LOL Too funny. :):):)

  14. Kilroy, my how you have changed…

  15. What’s she eating?

  16. Who stole my dentures?

  17. I thought it looked like a saggy bottom with a face drawn on it!

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