A Poem about People……..

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When I look around me I see all sorts of people
Some of them actually look at me,
most just turn the other way.
Don’t we all exist on the same planet?
Don’t we all have fears and questions about life?
Don’t we all wonder where it is we go after we do not go anymore on planet Earth?
I wonder sometimes.
If all of the above is true.
why won’t you look at me?
Why won’t you smile?
Why won.t you take time to listen?
Why won’t you take time to care?


13 Responses

  1. True, sadly.

  2. I think it has a lot to do with your age. Most people are nice to us old folk. Not all!

  3. I agree with Delia. Older people are respected more and treated more kindly, by most people. I have problems every so often.

  4. Sometimes I see older people being treated like they are stupid. That really bothers me! Glad you have no problems, to speak of!

  5. The problem is most people want to be different and from another planet, so they do not care about us Earthlings!

  6. Wow, interesting way to look at it! Thanks!

  7. Listen, I’m sorry that you’ve had bad experiences with people. You should know that some of us love you. We’re all one, really. Don’t forget it, alright?

  8. wecanhealthis….I understand that! There are always a few that ruin it for the rest of us. I am just calling it like I see it. I LOVE people!

  9. Doraz..I know people are your life and you just get disappointed in some, huh?

  10. You said it Kelly. Thanks for understanding!

  11. Beautiful!

    It is too bad that we live in a society of “groups”, we live in the age of “judgement” without any fair reason to judge.
    I hate when people, even friends of mine are disscussing other people by their look and behavior, if a man is dressed very well, and has a very expensive car, then he has to be “selfish”.

    I do not blame those people, we all do that. But we have a choise, a choise to make a difference.

    But what can we do, if we live in the era of “societies”, where numbers are right, and few are wrong.

  12. Thanks, El Espies. I usually consider people based on their actions instead of their words. Talk to cheap. I also have a 3 strike rule. The first time someone does something to me, I let it slide. I figure everyone has a bad day. The second time, I start to wonder. The third time, I figure…not worth it. I am still nice to that person, but I do not go overboard!

  13. agree with this, sadly.

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