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Just Thought I’d Ask You This Question….5/8*

To all the people in relationships:

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If a STRANGER had a million dollars in a briefcase that they showed you and told you it was yours if you had sex with him/her…..on the spot…..what would you do? Oh, you could not tell your significant other about it!

To all the people not in a relationship:

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If a STRANGER who did not “look” like someone you would want to marry…told you if you married them…right then…you would get the million dollars…what would you do? Oh, it would have to be till death do you part!


I will Survive!…..Ugh

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It seems to me that everyone in life is just doing their best to survive and stay one step ahead of the other guy. Am I right? It seems like we are afraid to be happy because we feel that something bad is going to happen soon. We are always looking over our shoulders now a days because everyone is afraid of what everyone else is going to do! It seems like we are on guard 24/7! When do we relax? When we are sleeping? No, because that is when we worry about things we did not have all day to worry about because we were too busy! I guess that’s the answer. We need to keep our minds busy! No matter what you decide to pick to keep your brain going, I guess just pick something. You can volunteer, work, sleep, blog, exercise, clean the house, wash your car, read a book, go shopping, take picture, well….you get what I mean. If we do this stuff all day long, when it comes time to sleep, we will be too tired to worry and we will fall right to sleep. Right? Then, we continue with this until the next day, and the next day, and well, you get it! Survival…it is a lot of work. Make it worth your time. Don’t tune out of life. Find a station you like and go for it. When you get tired of that station, go to another one! Survival……..

Believe in Yourself;

Luisa Doraz

Movie Review of ” STUCK”…..

I do not even know why I rented this movie, I guess I figure it sounded ok. Well, it was different, that’s for sure. It shows us how someone in life may resort to things they never imagined just to survive. It shows how a girl who is trying hard at work to succeed, makes a fatal mistake and turns her life into an unnecessary whirlwind because she did not make the the RIGHT choice. It shows how a man, who is at one time in his life living “high on the hog” loses everything even faster than it took him to gain it! He is in the process of coming to terms with his new situation, when this girl runs him over. He is stuck in her windshield, bleeding all over, and she does NOTHING about it to help him. You’re not going to believe what she does. She drives him to her house and parks her damaged car, with him still attached to the windshield, in the garage! I will not tell you what happens. There is some weird stuff going on with the characters in this movie. If you like strange situations and you like seeing people at ” their best,” you want to see this movie. I just hope that it never happens to me!

Movie Review…”Tortured”

I really liked this movie. I did not even get up once!  The ending was a surprise. I had other predictions! The acting was right on. The story line was well done. It was a believable performance by ALL the actors and actresses. It really got you into the minds of the cast. It showed how someone had to use any means available to reach an ending to a situation that needed to be stopped. It showed how that person was in anguish doing it, yet did it anyway. I would rent this movie if you are ok with violence in pictures.