WORD of the DAY…..5/4*

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I am SO TIRED of people using the word STUPID so often….so, I decided to find another word that means the same thing and try that out for a while!

“So, don’t be so loggerheaded….give the word a try!!!”

• LOGGERHEADED (adjective)

Meaning: Used informally


blockheaded; boneheaded; fatheaded; loggerheaded; thick-skulled; thickheaded; wooden-headed; thick


stupid (lacking or marked by lack of intellectual acuity)


Do You Have It?????

I was just sitting here thinking, ” How can you tell if you have a good sense of humor, or not?” Are you guilty of that or not? Well, I have my own personal opinions about that. If you want to ” get inside my head,” read on. I personally think that most people are ignorant or stupid. Let me explain what I mean before you have a tizzy over what I just said. Most people rather remain apathetic in life instead of ” living life.” I am not obilvious to all the suffering in the world, I do my part ,where I can ,to help. I just rather go through life with the adjective ” nice” in front of my name when a person is talking about me at my funeral! If you look at the humor in situations where you are currently ” having a heart attack” instead, you have a good sense of humor. When you see a kid misbehaving in an expensive restuarant where you are eating, if you smile and continue eating…you have a good sense of humor. If someone is having a fit on the roads and cuts right in front of you, if you smile and continue driving..instead of flipping that person off,,,you have a good sense of humor. Am I making sense to you? I can give you more examples, if you want. So, I rather have a good sense of humor 99.9% of the time…and only appear stupid and ignorant the other .1%. That’s me.

Evil Twist……..

I was looking at some of the stuff a person would sing to their small children, and wow…bad. Just look at the song ” Rock a bye baby.”

It starts out, ” Rock a bye baby on the tree top”…What are they doing on a TREE TOP? Who in their right mind would think of putting their kid up a tree????

“When the wind blows, the cradle will rock” Well, dah!!!

“When the bough breaks, the cradle will fall” Should this be a big surprise to people! Of course it will fall!

“And down will come baby, cradle and all” I mean, is this from an intelligent society or what? Of course it will fall. You should have thought of this BEFORE you put your little kid UP IN A TREE!!!!!

One sided news media??????

I am constantly hearing people complain about the news media. I personally think that our journalists could use some work, but who am I? The people I hear complaining keep saying that if a Republican does anything stupid they immediately put it on the news and make it top priority. On the other hand, if a Democrat does something…like what is going on now…it is kind of made light of. I think if you are going to take on the role of a ” News Reporter” you should be just that. You should not think your title is a “Personal Crusader for the world.”  Just sticking to the facts when it applies to EVERYONE is the way to go. Being selective is going back in time. We need to be more dignified….not more STUPID!!!

And no…I am not just saying this because you think I am a Republican…I personally chose my candidate on their qualifications NOT their political party!!!

Blogging is a waste???????

You know, from what I can tell….blogging may not be all it is made out to be. I mean I have really been spending crazy hours trying to be entertaining, and for what? I guess you all can say it is good for the soul to let out some stuff that is bothering, but who besides you even cares? I thought I would do all this stuff to have some fun, and now it is more like a job!!! Are you guys even interested in what Doraz has to say OR would you rather she just SHUT UP???? I am not totally ready to close up shop, but it may be getting close. What motivates you guys to continue???????i