Some Photos of my Road Trip*

Intel Museum

Stanford University

San Francisco

On our trip, we covered a lot of miles. We did not get to do everything, but we did enough! Northern California is beautiful this time of year. We were planning on going to the state Capital, but one of my sons was having trouble with allergies. We did get to visit Berkeley. It is a marvelous university. Stanford was very traditional and an amazing campus. We got to go to many places in San Francisco. My favorites were Chinatown and Pier 39. We ate a lot of good food! Our hotel was pretty well set up. Our friends were soooo glad to see us. It made the long car trip worthwhile to see their smiles! I believe that car trips are the best. You get to spend quality time with your family, and the kids can not escape! I am happy to be back. Hope to go on more trips soon!

Keeping in touch*

Early in the morning, we are heading out! This time we will NOT be going to my mountain retreat. We will be taking a road trip through California! We plan on visiting some good friends along the way. We are all ready for a change of scenery! The kids are on “Spring Break,” but we still need to work! So, we plan on taking in as much as possible. I will take a bunch of photos to share, so you can all laugh! Have fun while I am gone. I will check on you all when we finally make it back to our hotel, so be good!

Leave me a FUNNY and SILLY comment so I can LAUGH. I am SURE I will need one after riding in the car all day with “the boys!” I will do my BEST to respond!