Who are you?????????

Who are you??????

Hi, my name is Luisa, also known as Doraz. I am going to be sharing my viewpoint with anyone who would like to hear it. It is going to be on the topic of health, both physical and mental. You see, I believe they go together. Without the two, your success factor goes way down. I personally like to have all the possible good stuff coming my way, so I maintain excellent mental health. (It is not polite to laugh at my comments, but I’ll let it slide.)

First off, I would like all of you to ask yourselves what you feel about who you are right now as a person. Do not worry about what other people think, just what you think. You see, if you have a low opinion of yourself, how do you expect anyone else to have a better one? You need to become your own best friend, if you are not already. I enjoy doing things by myself sometimes. I love to read, go to movies, sit at the ocean and just stare at it, anything to get some quality mental health time into my life.

So, lets hear what you have to say about all this. I could always use some pointers on getting rid of the stress in my life! What is stressing you out? What can we do about it?

Until next time…I gotta go get some ice cream!!

Believe in yourself,