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Excuse me for not coming over today for a visit…yet. I still hope to do so. I was “HIT” last night with…..WHATEVER you want to call it! I can barely function! I guess no dancing for me today! I am being ordered back to bedrest! I will try to take a peek later! Hope all is well! Thanks for stopping in today! I was cheered up with your comments, and I did my BEST to respond to them all. Sorry if I missed you! See you soon?

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Luisa Doraz

Who’s mad, me?????

People that know me usually see me happy and with a smile on my face, but if there happens to be a day when I do not really feel like smiling…LOOK OUT! I usually do not feel up to par because I did not get a good nights sleep. Lately, I have gotten a lot of nights where, if I get 3 hours sleep, that’s great! I usually can’t sleep because I am thinking about stuff! Sometimes though, it is because I had coffee too late! Whatever…..I just want people to know, I am NOT mad! I do start getting mad when people keep asking me , “Why are you so mad today?” I just want to scream! So, I guess what I am trying to say is…do not jump to conclusions about people when they are not acting ” normal.” It is probably not as big a deal as you might be making it! If someone is mad, they will come to you for support….When They Are Ready To Do So! Don’t be pushy. Just let them understand you are ready to listen.