Is Blogging a Waste of My Talents??

People I know have been telling me that I am wasting my talents by blogging. THEY claim that I have a NATURAL ability to write articles that are interesting and amusing. THEY claim that I should be working for a newspaper or magazine company and getting paid to do what I do. I actually have fun writing stuff. I just wish I had a greater audience.

I mean, I would love to be OPHRAH or ELLEN and have my own talk show. My friends claim I have the “ gift of gab.” I just really love talking to people and getting to understand them. Wouldn’t it be great to be able to have a show where all you do is sit on a couch and talk to cool people?

I also LOVE to make people laugh! I just love to see happy people. I think there is so much hatred in this world, that my making someone laugh and making them happy, at least for a little while, is great! It could give them the hope that maybe things are not as bad as they seem. Humor, for me… the answer to life. You know in your heart what is really going on in the world, but you make a decision to not let it get you down and you move ahead…step by step. With the support of friends and family…anything is possible. I know.

So, I guess for now I will keep doing this. Unless you guys have any suggestions???????

Believe in Yourself,