Just Thought I’d Ask You This Question…4/17*

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How do you feel about people talking to you when you are in the bathroom “trying to do…your thing?” Emergency situations do not apply.

1O “MUST DO’S” For Women to live by………

I read this in a Glamour magazine of November 2008, and thought you might like it. I felt like it made sense, so I am passing it along. Good reading.

1O Things Every Woman Should Have Engraved On Her Brain:

1.     You Must Vote.

2.     Good Enough Sex Isn’t Good Enough.

3.     It’s Not a Sin to Win.

4.     You have much better friends than Ben and Jerry.

5.     You can’t change a bad boy. Only he can change himself

6.     Do it now; deal with the fear later.

7.     First rent, then shoes.

8.     Your body is a wonderland!.

9.     Yelling makes it harder for people to hear you.

10.    Don’t get even. Get even better!

Authors:  Kimberly Bonnell & Pamela Redmond Satran

I like this. I try to live by #10 rule. It is sure hard, at times!
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Movie Review…”Felon”

This movie was an eye opener. This poor guy who was protecting his family from the evils of the world gets screwed by the laws of the land! He ends up in a prison where no rules apply except the rules of the inmates. The warden guy is evil and twisted, the guards are indifferent, and the whole place is running itself into destruction. Val Kilmer was actually good in this movie. He got into his role. He shows a human side in his character. It is all about “Family.” It shows how far a person will go to protect their family. It also shows what a person will do if they believe they have lost their family. As wierd as it may be, this movie was about family, unity, friendship, and trust. That is what I got from it. It is worth watching. It makes you think about yourself and what you would do under the same circumstances.