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Stay Positive

Everyday you have many things that get you very aggravated. You just keep wondering why things always seem to happen to you. You just keep pointing out all of the stuff in your life that you just hate. Maybe your boss is really arrogant and you had just about enough of him/her! Maybe  your parents are acting really stupid, in your opinion about something going on in their life. Maybe your significant other is really being an ass about everything you try to say or do with them. You get what I mean?

Well, you are not alone in this world. Everyone goes through their own personal hell. I manage to stay alive by learning to cope with each challenge someone throws my way. I am determined to not let them get the better of me. I take in all that they say and then meditate about it.

I believe the key is to have positive thoughts about your situation instead on just focusing on the negative all the time. Work out your own routine on how to do this. In time, maybe things will not seem as bad?

Believe in Yourself;

Luisa Doraz



box cheerful color cute

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com


Everyone has one

Everyone can appreciate its creativity

They come in all different shapes and sizes

They come attached with many rewards

Have you shown appreciation for your skull lately?

Just give it a cap. Give it a smile. Give it a rest every once in awhile.


Believe in Yourself;



All around the city streets
Luisa chased the bargains;
The market thought ’twas all in fun,
But, NOT for Luisa.

She pushed and shoved and found her way
A sale on every corner
That’s the way her money goes,
Go faster now …Luisa.

Her husband tried to stop her flight
But all her got was fury
That’s the way the story goes
NO MORE husband for poor Luisa.

Song to the melody of “Pop Goes the Weasel”

Sorry if this is weird,
It just POPPED into my head, and I had to post it.


Image Hosted by ImageShack.us


Get Rid of that Attitude……it’s UGLY!!!!!

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

So many people are so into themselves, it is not even funny! While I was out today, I ran into them EVERYWHERE!!! I mean, it is fine to be self confident…but, when you are in love with yourself, for the wrong reasons…come on! I have no problem with people who are confident and secure with who they are…I am one of them! I do have a problem with someone who abuses other people, emotionally because they THINK they are “secure with their persona,” but they are obviously not! It is a dead give away that you are not ,when you find it necessary to treat others with no respect or dignity! So, my point is…if you want to sit on your high horse…fine, but stay away from me, cause I will let you have some attitude! Don.t let me catch you putting anyone else down, either!

No Question is a Dumb Question, am I Right?…..*)*

I can just feel a bunch of you out there are just screaming at this question, right? Oh, was that a dumb question? No, I guess not since that is what this post is going to be about. It is on topic, right?
I guess if a question is on the topic that is being discussed, it is appropriate. Then that means, if the question is “way out there” and makes NO sense to ask…at that time….Is it a dumb question? Well, I would have to say YES! Let me explain, OK? If you are talking about the price of groceries and how you noticed that items are going up, and a friend you are with looks right at you and asks, “So, what is that guy doing over there?”…am I suppose to stop what I am discussing with someone and LOOK? Now, what did her question have to do with the price of food? Was she having “a moment” where she was just out in la la land???? I mean. wasn’t that a dumb question to ask, at that time? So, I do believe that no question is a dumb question….you are dumb if you do not ask it….BUT, I do believe it needs to be AT THE RIGHT TIME, and should “Go With The Flow” of a conversation. Oh well, just my opinion!

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Believe in Yourself;

Luisa Doraz

Do You Honestly Care What They Think….I Don’t!

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

OK, don’t get all worked up here! I am not talking about someone who goes out of their way to be “nasty!” I do not mean that person who is always telling you that you look tired and asks you if you gained weight, or something! I am not even talking about your boss, who you are trying to impress…well, wait a second….maybe I am talking about that boss of yours! Who do they think they are anyway? What gives them the right to be “nasty” and rude? I mean, just because you are the boss…it does not mean your sh*t don’t stink! Right? I know that is a crude way of looking at it, but am I right? Simple life comparison is doable in my book! I mean, I will always be respectful of their title, but they need to earn my respect with their actions. They do not get that automatically. I know, you think I get fired a lot, don’t you? Well, I don’t. I have my integrity intact and I earn respect from others, just like I think everyone should be doing. So, do I really care when someone makes an “ugly” comment to me? No, because I consider the source! Do I care if someone very important to me makes a “nasty” comment? Well, that is a different story. I would allow them more leeway! So, I guess what I am trying to say is…in my opinion…do not get all stressed out over words and rude actions, be smart and consider the source!

Believe in Yourself;

Luisa Doraz

Have You Been Out With This Guy?…….

I got the following information from the March 2009 Glamour magazine I picked up today. It’s about an article written by Jake, the resident male columnist, and some advice on where you DON’T want to go in your love life. Jake says the 6 men you shouldn’t date are: 1. Rebound Guy 2. Disappearing Guy 3. Slick Guy 4. Rude Guy 5. Grabby Guy and 6. Last year’s Guy. He claims the rebound guy is in a healing state and needs to totally get over his X before he can truly appreciate someone new in his life. Makes sense to me. He claims the disappearing guys give away is erractic contact. He will give excuses and not call you on a daily basis. He claims it’s the type of guy who hasn’t seen you in a week and then calls and wants to see you in a hour! He claims the slick guy will leave you feeling rejected because he is too into his sports car and high tech phone to show you his real insecurities! He claims with the grabby guy you have to set up the respect factor when it comes to touching you! He says if you don’t do this, you’re sending the message of a green light to him! Last year’s guy, he claims, may be very tempting when you are feeling lonely…but do not go back in time. He says that what it is that made you break up in the first place, will resurface and it will happen again! He says it is better to move on! So, I think Jake brings up some interesting points. He gives the male perspective of relationships and what is going on in the guys head. Does he make sense to you? Do any of these guys sound familiar?

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Today’s Debate………2/10*

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

If you heard a bad “RUMOR” about your significant other, would you want to verify the “RUMOR” or let it go?

Come on!………Help me out here…….Geez!*

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Well, I have a grip! All of you who work in the customer service field, I hope you know what that means! Some of you who have decided to go into that profession, need to take Customer Service 101 class! You guys do not even know the basics! How did you ever get hired? What I mean is this. If you work for a department store and are assigned a certain area of that store to cover, that means you LEARN what items are in that area when you are just standing around, so when I come up to you later on that night and ask you where the “socks” are….you can show me! Do not look at me and say, “Uh. I don’t know. I think over there.! Then you proceed to walk in the other direction! That my friends, is not good customer service! The way I figure it, I am not to blame that you are working at a job you are not too thrilled with, you are! If you do not like it….get another job….but NOT in customer service!

Believe in Yourself;

Luisa Doraz