Movie Review………..Lakeview Terrace*

I have to start out by saying something. I may have a prejudice for this movie because I am a big Samuel L. Jackson fan. I find that all the movies I have seen him in , are always real intriguing. He knows how to really capture the audience and pull them into the film. You gotta love him for that! It is not an easy thing to do, I know that first hand! Anyway, this movie was worth seeing. It is about an interracial couple that buy their first starter home, without the support of their parents…they want to do it… an area that happens to have Samuel L. Jackson there! He has had his home for 20 years and is real protective of the neighborhood. He also happens to be a cop! He is raising his teenage daughter and a son, alone because his wife recently died. To not give away too much, let’s just say he is a “tough” dad! He has his ideas, and he is sticking to them. He is annoyed that the couple next door is not of the same race, and he has no trouble showing it! I am not going into the details of the movie. All I am going to say is….what they do is funny, yet not funny! Just rent it!

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