No need to be so NASTY about it!

If you have been building up inside to say something to someone that is bothering you, just
say it already…but DON”T BE SO NASTY! Make your point nicely and move on, No need to keep bringing it up! Either the other person gets it or they are in a different world then you are! I notice some pretty nasty comments made while I am blogging. Everyone has a right to their opinion and expression. Why be so NASTY to them and try to bring them down? Let them have fun with their post. It is not personally hurting you in anyway, is it? If it is…go somewhere else! Just don’t be so NASTY!
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Believe in Yourself;

Luisa Doraz

Gimme Some Lovin’….or Sex?????

Sex and Love are two different things. Sex does not become love until you invest some time and emotions in a relationship. Anyone can go out tonight and have sex. Don’t think if you go out tonight, find someone, and have sex, that you are in a love relationship.
You can not seriously believe that you are so deeply attached to this person that you can actually “ Love” them. You may be attracted to a lot of their physical features that you find attractive and love. You may be attracted to some emotional qualities this person has, but that is what you love about them. You may be thinking the person thinks a lot like you do about a lot of things. That is because you were both raised with the same morals and beliefs. Do not mistake sexual desire with love. If you are just looking to satisfy your sex drive, DO NOT GET EMOTIONALLY ATTACHED. If you feel this is a person you would like to spend the rest of your life with….WHAT’S THE RUSH????
All I am saying is…Take things slow if you are looking for love. In my opinion, it takes time, patience, and humor. I believe if you look honestly into why you want to have sex, you will make the right decision….In my book, it’s sex with love. That takes nurturing. That takes time……

Believe in Yourself,