Is Mussolini Right on this One????……

My family said I should do something on an Italian guy , since I am Italian! So, here goes:

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“Inactivity is death.”
Benito Mussolini

Actually, the guy has a point. I would have to agree with it! I am sure he is thinking along the lines of war games, where I am referring to everyday life! He was figuring if his guys just stood around and did not plan their next attack, they would be dead! I am thinking more along the lines of not being motivated to do much in life, so in part…I believe, you are kind of dead. I also am thinking along health issues. If you need to exercise and stay fit to live, or else you may have more health risks, I agree…inactivity could lead to death. Another way I look at this quote is in the area of our brain. If we do not keep it stimulated and fed, it will eventually begin to die off. So, I guess in a weird way…Mussolini makes sense! You are kind of dead to things physically, mentally, and spiritually if you do not make the effort in life. So, OK Mussolini…in a weird way, I agree with you!