Movie Review………..Lakeview Terrace*

I have to start out by saying something. I may have a prejudice for this movie because I am a big Samuel L. Jackson fan. I find that all the movies I have seen him in , are always real intriguing. He knows how to really capture the audience and pull them into the film. You gotta love him for that! It is not an easy thing to do, I know that first hand! Anyway, this movie was worth seeing. It is about an interracial couple that buy their first starter home, without the support of their parents…they want to do it… an area that happens to have Samuel L. Jackson there! He has had his home for 20 years and is real protective of the neighborhood. He also happens to be a cop! He is raising his teenage daughter and a son, alone because his wife recently died. To not give away too much, let’s just say he is a “tough” dad! He has his ideas, and he is sticking to them. He is annoyed that the couple next door is not of the same race, and he has no trouble showing it! I am not going into the details of the movie. All I am going to say is….what they do is funny, yet not funny! Just rent it!

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” Hellboy II,” Movie Review……..

Once this movie got going, it was one of those fast roller coaster thrills. It kept you sitting on the edge of your seat wondering what the heck was going to blow up next! Lot’s of action. Lot’s of suspence. Lot’s of thrill’s. Hellboy is one cool guy. He is big and tough on one hand and then gentle and compassionate on the other. Speaking of hands, that guy has some pretty weird stuff going on with his! His wife is a bundle of flames. She keeps him ” real.” The assistant is really a gentle guy who loves Barry Manilow music! A bit in the movie with Hellboy and this guy are funny! The story is about an exile prince who did not like the decision his dad made about how their kind and humans should co-exist, so he set about to change it. He has a twin sister who is the “good” child and only wants to honor her father’s wishes and keep peace. This movie shows alot of personal struggles various characters are going through and what they are doing to cope with everyday life. I would recommend it. It was good.

Movie Review of ” STUCK”…..

I do not even know why I rented this movie, I guess I figure it sounded ok. Well, it was different, that’s for sure. It shows us how someone in life may resort to things they never imagined just to survive. It shows how a girl who is trying hard at work to succeed, makes a fatal mistake and turns her life into an unnecessary whirlwind because she did not make the the RIGHT choice. It shows how a man, who is at one time in his life living “high on the hog” loses everything even faster than it took him to gain it! He is in the process of coming to terms with his new situation, when this girl runs him over. He is stuck in her windshield, bleeding all over, and she does NOTHING about it to help him. You’re not going to believe what she does. She drives him to her house and parks her damaged car, with him still attached to the windshield, in the garage! I will not tell you what happens. There is some weird stuff going on with the characters in this movie. If you like strange situations and you like seeing people at ” their best,” you want to see this movie. I just hope that it never happens to me!

“Indiana Jones, Kingdom of the Crystal Skull” review…..

A classical Indiana Jones movie. It was a slow start, but made up for that later on. The action and suspense in this movie were , in my opinion, a B-. The characters all had unique personalities that kept you interested in their happenings. The movie centered around a crystal skull that held a mystical power. It showed what extremes a person would go through to gain power and prestige.On the light side, Indiana Jones has episodes with his original love. She happens to have a rebellious son who has a bunch of his own stunts. He also holds another mystery. The ending is great. It gets you wondering about the universe and what it holds. I would say this was an ok movie to rent.

“You Don’t Mess with the Zohan.” Movie Review……ugh!

Well, I did finish watching this one. It had it’s moments. Stupid kind of funny humor. Gets you to smile. Shows love relationships. Hate towards others turned to friendships. Vamity amongst people. Love of parents and friends. Support from others is also shown throughtout the movie. It shows us how we are all just living in America trying to do the best we can. Sandler has a fascination and worship with the lower part of his body part( figure it out), and uses it quite regularly throughout the movie with just about anyone who is willing and able! Yuk! Dumb…Stupid…Makes it’s points….OK.

Movie Review, ” The Happening”..explain what did????

” The Happening” was a movie that was very interesting. It dealt with people. It showed how people were jealous. It showed what people do for love. It shows you the strength of friendship. It shows you how people come together in a disaster, as well as against each other. It makes you try to understand and make sense of a situation that people are in that makes NO SENSE at all! It has people dying left and right. People are doing some pretty weird stuff! The facial expressions of the actors are STRANGE! It makes you start getting a respect for nature and what is in it. Ok to watch, I guess. Kind of suspenseful……..People get killed and die in very strange ways! Yuk!

Movie Review-“Forgetting Sarah Marshall”

This is a movie about love. It shows love gone wrong and love gone right. It shows how relationships are lost and how new ones are found. It shows how we put certain things in our life on hold and then finally wake up one day and BOOM! It teaches us that life is what you make it. You can live or you can give up. You can laugh or you can hide. You can take chances with your emotions or you can just be. It will make you laugh. It will make you smile, It will make you conclude, “It was ok.”

Movie Review-“Pathology”

This was a dark movie. If you want to really get “deep” about life, this is the one to see. Death is made to look at as “no big deal!” The med students need a few refresher courses in ethics and morals! The animalistic nature of humans is shown as well as the demented take on “What love is!” It shows how one can be a bad judge of character and how we should not always judge someone on the “portfolio” they offer. I figure that the characters should get due credit for the hard work involved in portraying “evil.” I found the movie to be suspenseful and interesting. I must say. I have never seen one like this one before, that’s for sure!

Movie Review…”Rogue”

Wow, what a movie! If you are fond of gators, watch this one! There is a mean gator swimming around Australia waters who does not take too kindly to tourists. He also appears to have taken Psych 101, because he seems to understand the behavior of humans! The cast are a bunch of tourist who have to take a cruise boat, to their final destination ,as the transportation in that part of Australia. They are a bunch of people with thier own personalities and problems! On the way there, they spot a flare thinking someone is in trouble. So, of course, the tour guide has to be an idiot and go see what is happening! I would have just called it in to the proper authorities! Well, big mistake. All kinds of stuff happens because of this stupid decision! You gotta watch. I will end it by saying the GATOR gains a few pounds, if you know what I mean!

Movie Review..”Sex and The City”

If you never saw an episode of “Sex and The City” but you would like to see the movie, it’s ok. It is like you are watching several season shows in a row. They do have life situations that keep you interested. It is kind of predictable, but ok. The characters have enough diversity that at least one of them should satisfy your interests. It is a movie all about the pain and suffering of love as well as the joy and happiness of love. It brings up several feelings within yourself and makes you reflect on your current situation. It was ok. Good to rent.