7/17…What do you have to say?

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When you are in “one of those moods”, what do you do to “snap out of it?”

Top 14 Things PMS Stands For:……..too funny…Can you Relate????-)*

Top 14 Things PMS Stands For:

Psychotic Mood Shift
Perpetual Munching Spree
Puffy Midsection
People Make Me Sick
Provide Me with Sweets
Pardon My Sobbing
Pimples May Surface
Pissy Mood Syndrome
Plainly; Men Suck
Pack My Stuff
Permanent Menstrual Syndrome
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Life … Liberty…Pursuit of Happiness!

I guess we all have to figure that our life changes on a daily basis. One day we are really strongly opinionated about issues and then we somehow change those opinions as we ” mature.” Who invented maturity, anyways? I wish we could just stay put! It would be really nice to just pick an age you really had fun in and just stay there for as long as you decided. I think someone ought to invent a machine that can do this. Every morning, depending on our mood, we can decide where we want to be. When we get tired being there, we just get our little machine and reprogram it and we are off! Doesn’t this sound GREAT?   Ok, let’s start working on it! Any ideas?

This would also be a great plot for a movie. Any writers out there? Let’s do it!

Don’t be shy.

Believe it, and it will be!