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For those of you who followed the medical needs of my brother, we finally have a possible solution to help aid in his full recovery. He is having a procedure on Thursday. It appears that the lower right/left of his heart is blocked and he is not getting the right amount of blood to his body. They will insert a stent to prolong both the procedure itself as well as the post-catheterization time spent in allowing the wound to clot. I looked this up on
Wikipedia. As long as he does not have bleeding after the procedure, he should be able to start his recovery over this mess! Please keep my brother in your prayers.




The procedure for my brother went well. They did not have to do a by pass. They did not put in a stent. He is going to be put on new medication and monitored. He had no blood clots. His arteries were fine, for now. Later on, he may require more treatment. He is to lose weight and watch his diet. He is to exercise and stay out of the hot sun . He is still operating on a heart at 20%, but that is the best they can do for now. Thank you for your support. I REALLY appreciate it. It has helped me a lot!

You don’t send me flowers………..hint….hint

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us Did you get flowers today? Do you need to send them to someone special? Maybe your mom would like to get something besides bills! Maybe your girlfriend feels like you don’t love her anymore! Maybe it is someone’s birthday and they need cheering up! Think about it!
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Flowers have a way of making your day seem a little brighter. Here are a few to make you smile! Have a very relaxing weekend and plan on having a great

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Make someone happy today! Send them a flower! It’s free and you’ll make someone’s day! Just do it!

Believe in Yourself;
Luisa Doraz


Mildred was very depressed when her husband died. She decided that she couldn’t go on in life without him and that she wanted to join him in heaven. Mildred wanted to shoot herself in the heart, guaranteeing death.

But she was afraid she might miss her heart and wind up a vegetable so she called the doctor for some information. “Doctor, where is the heart located?” asked Mildred.

The doctor answered, “Just below the left breast.”

A few hours later Mildred was emitted into emergancy with a gunshot wound to her knee!