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Hello, my name is Luisa Doraz…and YES, I am a
FRAPP-AHOLIC! I must admit that I live and dream for my daily frapp! I reward myself, rather nicely…I might add…with all kinds of frapp’s! I was trying the mocha ones, the double chocolate chip ones, the coffee vanilla ones, the java chip ones, and the vanilla bean ones! I must add that I ALWAYS added whipped cream and chocolate drizzle. That is until today! One of my friends, or should I say X-friends….showed me the calorie count that just happened to be available! I took a look, because I figured it could not be SO bad, right? BOY, WAS I WRONG! I will not even tell you all what I saw….it is TOO DEPRESSING! I made a choice today. After reading the differences between the LIGHT or the REGULAR, I figured I would TRY the light double chocolate chip…no whipped cream or chocolate drizzle. As I was trying it, I looked at myself in the mirror and decided….THESE ARE GREAT! I am going to stick with this game plan. A medium has 220 calories. I can work with burning that off at the gym! What a day! You?

Believe in Yourself;

Luisa Doraz

TALKATIVE……. What is this BABY saying?

Thanks to Lisa for this cute video! The baby is SO ADORABLE!!!! You got to see this one!