Just Thought I’d Ask You This Question….5/8*

To all the people in relationships:

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If a STRANGER had a million dollars in a briefcase that they showed you and told you it was yours if you had sex with him/her…..on the spot…..what would you do? Oh, you could not tell your significant other about it!

To all the people not in a relationship:

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If a STRANGER who did not “look” like someone you would want to marry…told you if you married them…right then…you would get the million dollars…what would you do? Oh, it would have to be till death do you part!


The Best Birthday Present Ever…….

My birthday is coming up. My friends and family keep asking me “What do you want?” I wish they would quit asking me that question, that is what I want!!!! I hate people asking me that. I figure if they really knew me as a person who they spend time with, they should know what I like!!!! I mean, am I right????????
The best gift anyone can give me in today’s world, is the gift of their time. If they just spend some quality time with me talking, laughing, crying, or whatever….that would be the best !
I actually go to lunch or breakfast with a friend a day for a couple of weeks…their treat…around my birthday! My birthday is celebrated for more than just one lousy day! I get to spend time , one on one, with a friend and just have fun. We sit and talk for hours!!!! It helps us both get things “ off our chest” and makes us breathe a little easier! I love it!
Of course, if they decide to bring a special little gift along for me….I won’t say no. I give them a big hug, a smile, and a big thank you! My birthdays are the best! So, remember the greatest gift you can give a person is “ THE GIFT OF YOUR TIME.” It does not cost you anything. The payback is the best!