Time for a cup of coffee?…….Happy Middle of the Week!!!

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Well, it is the middle of the week! Thought it would be a good time to stop in and have some coffee with you! Things have a way of slowing down to a more workable speed on Wednesdays, huh? We just have a few more days to go, and it is the weekend! YES! I always meet my friend, Deb for lunch on Wednesday. She is a teacher friend who only gets 45 minutes, but we always have a lot of fun anyway! We usually make a quick run to a local place that we can get food fast, and we sit and gossip the rest of the time! Some days we even treat ourselves to an ice cream, on the way back to her school! She and I really look forward to our lunches! We always seem to be in “happy” moods on Wednesday, the middle of the work week! So, hope you are all enjoying the week , so far! Make some “different” plans for the weekend, surprise someone! I plan on spending some “fun time” with a few friends, basically doing nothing special…we usually just go with the flow! What can I say? That’s California for ya! So, nice having a cup of coffee with you and catching up on things…for a bit anyways! Have a GREAT rest of the week! Oh, by the way…I made the coffee regular for you, not decaf! See, I remembered!

Believe in Yourself;

Luisa Doraz

Thought of the Day………

‘Life is too short to wake up in

the morning with regrets, so love

the people who treat you right,

forget about the ones who don ‘ t,

and believe that everything

happens for a reason. If you get a

chance, take it. If it changes

your life, let it. Nobody said

life would be easy, they just

promised it would be worth it. ‘

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Thanks Pam!