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One sided news media??????

I am constantly hearing people complain about the news media. I personally think that our journalists could use some work, but who am I? The people I hear complaining keep saying that if a Republican does anything stupid they immediately put it on the news and make it top priority. On the other hand, if a Democrat does something…like what is going on now…it is kind of made light of. I think if you are going to take on the role of a ” News Reporter” you should be just that. You should not think your title is a “Personal Crusader for the world.” ┬áJust sticking to the facts when it applies to EVERYONE is the way to go. Being selective is going back in time. We need to be more dignified….not more STUPID!!!

And no…I am not just saying this because you think I am a Republican…I personally chose my candidate on their qualifications NOT their political party!!!