What Brain Invented the Crockpot?……….*)*

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When I first received a crock pot as a gift from my Aunt Kelly, I just looked at her! I grew up in a home that did not even know what a crock pot was! Italians don’t DO crock pots! So, I just made a face and said, “Gee, thanks!” Then I set it down and was trying to go to my next gift when my Aunt Kelly said, “That’s ALL you are going to say?” Then I felt bad. I said, “What?” She said, “Don’t WHAT me, open it!” You are NOT bringing this back! ( She knows me!) I said, “OK!” When I opened it, she immediately pointed out the cookbook. I turned the pages and thought, “Some of this stuff looks pretty good.” I then could not put the crock pot down! I was getting hooked! *(* I thought it was pretty cool how you could just put a bunch of ingredients into this thing, turn it on, and let it do ALL the work! My kind of gift! I gave my Aunt Kelly a big hug, she smiled, and we gave each other “that look” that says, “Understood.” Now, I use my crock pot ALL the time! *)* I have corn chowder to go eat! Gotta go! What’s your story with crock pots? Just wondering!

Believe in Yourself;

Luisa Doraz