Must You Complain About EVERYTHING?????…..Just Chill!

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Don’t get me wrong. I have my moments. I also have to get things ” off my chest” and do some heavy duty complaining. That is not what I am talking about. I am referring to the person who keeps going on and on about the same old crap. day in and day out! They start to sound like a broken record. They never have anything positive to say. It is always a negative thing! Which, like I said earlier…everyone has a right to complain….just not EVERYDAY ABOUT THE SAME THING! I say get creative and do something about it! For EVERY problem, there is a solution. It is a matter of attitude. So, try it out. Worrse comes to worse, get professional help. It’s out there for all of us!

Be;ieve in Yourself;

Luisa Doraz


Yeh, so what’s the problem.huh?

If your depressed or not feeling great…check this blog OR..Can someone give me a good reason why I shouldn’t delete this blog? I have had it for a while and do not really feel that it is very popular with people. I mean, what exactly do people like to read these days? I try to do different things with this blog. Sometimes I think people ARE interested because I look at my stats, and other times ,when I think I have really good stuff, no one is out there! Maybe I need to get real. Help me out here! I do appreciate all the comments I have received. The comments help encourage me!

Dating a Mummy’s Boy?

“A man who regularly visits his mother is a mummy’s boy.”

” A women who does the same is a good daughter.”

I have this situation in my family. I have a brother who adores his mother. He would do anything for her. I would do the same for any member of my family too. Why do all the people that know this think I am such a great daughter, which I am…yet, they call my brother a “Mummy’s boy?” I think that is ridiculous. If a man loves his mother, as he my opinion, I think it is GREAT if he is referred to as a mummy’s boy. I would hope that a lot of women feel this way. Do you? Why or why not? Just curious……

Movie Review-“Forgetting Sarah Marshall”

This is a movie about love. It shows love gone wrong and love gone right. It shows how relationships are lost and how new ones are found. It shows how we put certain things in our life on hold and then finally wake up one day and BOOM! It teaches us that life is what you make it. You can live or you can give up. You can laugh or you can hide. You can take chances with your emotions or you can just be. It will make you laugh. It will make you smile, It will make you conclude, “It was ok.”

Movie Review-“Pathology”

This was a dark movie. If you want to really get “deep” about life, this is the one to see. Death is made to look at as “no big deal!” The med students need a few refresher courses in ethics and morals! The animalistic nature of humans is shown as well as the demented take on “What love is!” It shows how one can be a bad judge of character and how we should not always judge someone on the “portfolio” they offer. I figure that the characters should get due credit for the hard work involved in portraying “evil.” I found the movie to be suspenseful and interesting. I must say. I have never seen one like this one before, that’s for sure!

I will if I want to……

If I want to go do something that I need to do or just want to do, I am at a point in my life where I will and I can. I do not need to here anyone giving me reasons why I should or should not do something. If I want to spend $50.00 on a pair of shoes that you may only spend $10.00 on, I will…cause I can. I work hard. I work smart. I work practical. If every once in awhile I want to treat myself, I will…SO THERE!  So, worry about your own life and I will focus on my life. Thanks anyway!

No need to be so NASTY about it!

If you have been building up inside to say something to someone that is bothering you, just
say it already…but DON”T BE SO NASTY! Make your point nicely and move on, No need to keep bringing it up! Either the other person gets it or they are in a different world then you are! I notice some pretty nasty comments made while I am blogging. Everyone has a right to their opinion and expression. Why be so NASTY to them and try to bring them down? Let them have fun with their post. It is not personally hurting you in anyway, is it? If it is…go somewhere else! Just don’t be so NASTY!
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Believe in Yourself;

Luisa Doraz

“Where are the clowns?”

“Where are the clown?” They should be here. What is taking them so long. I have not got all day. I have been waiting for some time now. I mean, how long is a person supposed to wait to have a laugh in life? I mean ,shouldn’t there be some funny stuff thrown in the mix for the day? Am I suppose to carry around an umbrella all my days? I want to throw this umbrella away and put on my sunglasses. Let the sunshine in! You too? So, where the hell are those clowns?

Movie Review……do not get!

Whatever you do, DO NOT rent “Son of Sam” or “Young at Heart!” Oh my gosh, I was ready to scream! We shut both of them off! These movies should be destroyed! Yuk…Yuk…YUK! Whoever wanted to act in these movies must have been having some pretty desperate times! Slow moving and boring! No point!


Anyone see these??????

GeeZ **#**#

I really have a problem with people in this world that are not considerate to others! I do not mean you have to bend over backwards and kiss everyone’s a*#, but you can try to be a bit more caring! Geez, I mean if you are out with friends and you get up to get napkins..bring enough for everyone! If you are at school and your’re going to the student store to get some candy, ask your friends if they would need’re going there anyway! Just little stuff like that. I mean, what’s the big deal!