Oh, I get it now!

I figure that if you’re intimidated, you did something wrong. I figure that if you were ok with yourself, you would not feel like you had to defend yourself! Maybe what the other person said or did is in fact well deserved. Then you should feel intimidated and only then. If you did nothing wrong and just happen to be in the wrong place at the wrong time and got in the cross fire of an angry person….DO NOT LET THEM INTIMIDATE YOU! Stand strong in your convictions. Stand strong in your beliefs. That other person is going through something in their day that is bothering them and they do not know how to communicate that to someone. You can try to be a good listener and help the other person out. If they do not let up….give them time on their own to calm down. They are in a different place and just need to get ground again. Give them time. Meanwhile, go out and treat yourself to something special. You deserve it!

Believe in Yourself!

Things happen for a reason, right?

Everything happens for a reason. What exactly does this mean? Does it mean that if something great happens in our lives, we are suppose to act a certain way? If a terrible things occurs, are we just to say, “Oh well.” Do we control our destiny, or is it already figured out for all of us? Are we just going  along as planned or are we making our own plans? I don’t know. Sometimes I figure things out one way, and on other days I figure things out the opposite!  Life is a challenge. Life is a ride. Life is a reality. Life IS!

Fun with a ball…….

This will drive you crazy…when you click the ball it will change color.
This appears to be impossible, but it can be done.

http://mazzanet. id.au/ball. php

Thanks Kristi!