I’m all smiles*

Texas son will be visiting. I can not wait to see him. It has been since February! It seems like forever. He will be busy catching up on news here in crazy California. I will be out for a bit. Stay smiling. Have fun. Enjoy family time. It goes by too quickly. My son was just a baby, and now he is a man. WOW OK, gotta run. Stay well and happy. Be safe. Enjoy the world around you. I sure appreciate it.

Believe in Yourself;

Luisa Doraz


Calabasas….The Commons*

I LOVE going to The Commons in Calabasas.  The Commons is a local shopping center that is designed to attract a lot of people who LOVE to spend money. lol You can watch a movie, go grocery shopping, pig out at your favorite food place, check at the books at Barnes & Noble, have coffee at Starbucks, and so much more! The Marmalade is one of my favorite places to meet friends for breakfast or lunch. I am not real big on dinner. Today I was hanging out with my friend Vivian when I decided to take some pictures near two of the little statues that are near the small pond there. I did not get to see the family of turtles today, so I will try to photo them next time. It is so much fun spending time with good friends. Thank you Vivian for taking such cool photos with your fancy phone. lol

Hope you are all having a good week. I will drop in asap. Until then, remember to smile and eat lots of dark chocolate. lol

Believe in Yourself;

Luisa Doraz


I suppose many people are not really thrilled about where they are living. These people I speak of are those that are always reminding me how great it is somewhere other than where I am living! They are always telling me how ridiculous the taxes are in CA! They also point out that we have a high unemployment rate. Then they seem to go on and on about things that I never even factored in. Gun laws? Me? I do not have a gun. Social Security contributions? Well, someone has got to pay, right? I may not be so happy about it, but that is the way it is “right now.” I am not in denial of things in my surroundings, I just rather take it like I see it…on a day to day basis. I am sure that there are lots of other places I can go where I may be able to put more money into my pockets…. instead of the State where I am living!

I have been in California since the 70’s. I am originally from New York. I am always being pointed out how the East Coast is so much prettier than the West Coast. California does not even have a change of season! I am fine with that. If it did have one, would that get me more money? Well, I believe that California offers the best weather! I LOVE that the State has many different cities that offer many different charms! So, I guess I will stay put for now. Maybe I will look into moving in a few years, or maybe not! I feel better just writing out my thoughts. Hope I have not bored you toooo mush!

Did you hear about the near-tragedy at the mall? There was a power outage, and twelve California Valley Girls were stuck on the escalators for over four hours.

Keeping in touch*

Early in the morning, we are heading out! This time we will NOT be going to my mountain retreat. We will be taking a road trip through California! We plan on visiting some good friends along the way. We are all ready for a change of scenery! The kids are on “Spring Break,” but we still need to work! So, we plan on taking in as much as possible. I will take a bunch of photos to share, so you can all laugh! Have fun while I am gone. I will check on you all when we finally make it back to our hotel, so be good!

Leave me a FUNNY and SILLY comment so I can LAUGH. I am SURE I will need one after riding in the car all day with “the boys!” I will do my BEST to respond!

Going crazy with confusion…LAUGH with DORAZ*

A psychiatrist visited a California mental institution and asked a patient, “How did you get here? What was the nature of your illness?” He got the following reply.

“Well, it all started when I got married and I guess I should never have done it. I married a widow with a grown daughter who then became my stepdaughter.

My dad came to visit us, fell in love with my lovely stepdaughter, then married her. And so my stepdaughter was now my stepmother. Soon, my wife had a son who was, of course, my daddy’s brother-in-law since he is the half-brother of my stepdaughter, who is now, of course, my daddy’s wife.

So, as I told you, when my stepdaughter married my daddy, she was at once my stepmother! Now, since my new son is brother to my stepmother, he also became my uncle. As you know, my wife is my step-grandmother since she is my stepmother’s mother. Don’t forget that my stepmother is my stepdaughter. Remember, too, that I am my wife’s grandson.

But hold on just a few minutes more. You see, since I’m married to my step-grandmother, I am not only the wife’s grandson and her hubby, but I am also my own grandfather. Now can you understand how I got put in this place?”

After staring blanky with a dizzy look on his face, the psychiatrist replied: “Move over!”