Guaranteed to DANCE to this VIDEO……Have fun*

No matter how tired or how lazy I feel, this song ALWAYS gets me to get up and DANCE. Before you know it, Friday will be here. Then the weekend. Time to celebrate YOUR way. So, let the music make you move and feel the fun in your bones. lol

Believe in Yourself;

Luisa Doraz


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I was visiting my blogging friend….
TONY….who lives in Tasmania. My hubby come by my office and reminded me that he was in Australia during the time he worked for the airlines. He had the chance to visit Tasmania. He told me he actually saw Tasmanian Devils, and HAS THE ABOVE PHOTO as proof. He had another one of them mating, which I felt was no appropriaye for my PG-13 blog! LOL He said he liked where
TONY is from and it is beautiful countryside. I wanted

TONY to know that.We even talked about moving to Australia one day. Who knows

TONY….I might be your neighbor! …LOL
You have some time to get Flat Tony to find some of those Tasmanian Devils to keep me away!.. LOL If you all have a chance, please visit

TONY and check out all the fun stuff he has going on at his blog! You will SMILE! I ALWAYS DO! Thanks!


1. Tasmanian Devils are widespread and fairly common throughout Tasmania, but are quickly dying from a facial cancer.

2. The Tasmanian Devil (Sarcophilus harrisii) is a carnivorous marsupial now found in the wild only in the Australian island state of Tasmania.

3. Tasmanian Devils eliminate all traces of a carcass, devouring the bones and fur in addition to the meat and internal organs. In this respect, the devil has earned the gratitude of Tasmanian farmers, as the speed at which they clean a carcass helps prevent the spread of insects that might otherwise harm livestock.

Movie Review…”Rogue”

Wow, what a movie! If you are fond of gators, watch this one! There is a mean gator swimming around Australia waters who does not take too kindly to tourists. He also appears to have taken Psych 101, because he seems to understand the behavior of humans! The cast are a bunch of tourist who have to take a cruise boat, to their final destination ,as the transportation in that part of Australia. They are a bunch of people with thier own personalities and problems! On the way there, they spot a flare thinking someone is in trouble. So, of course, the tour guide has to be an idiot and go see what is happening! I would have just called it in to the proper authorities! Well, big mistake. All kinds of stuff happens because of this stupid decision! You gotta watch. I will end it by saying the GATOR gains a few pounds, if you know what I mean!