What’s the Deal with Marijuana………….?

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Marijuana is not a forgotten subject these days. There is so much public opinion on this word. It seems like no matter who you ask everyone has an opinion. It is a topic that is freely discussed in schools and church organizations. There has been a lot of public awareness regarding the “good” things about marijuana and the “bad” things about marijuana. I am not going to take either side, right now. I am just going to say, I guess everyone should be allowed to chose their own side…or….should it be chosen for them? I have read a lot on this subject and to be honest, I am conflicted! I feel in certain situations it can be beneficial to someone who is in very poor health. On the other hand, I feel if marijuana is used without someone knowing the possible “dangers,” that is not good either.Recently, Michael Phelps…the Olympic Gold Medalist, was found to be using marijuana. I feel that the world had mixed reaction to this discovery. If you would like, I have it as the question for “The Debate of 2/4 POST. I would be curious to see what your opinion’s are!