What does it matter?

Do not ask me what I think

It does not matter

Do not ask me what I would do

It does not matter

Don not ask me what you should say

It does not matter

Do not even worry about my feelings

Do not even worry about my dreams

Do not even care how I feel

It really is all about you

I get the message

I hear it loud and clear

Believe in Yourself;

Luisa Doraz

Get Rid of that Attitude……it’s UGLY!!!!!

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So many people are so into themselves, it is not even funny! While I was out today, I ran into them EVERYWHERE!!! I mean, it is fine to be self confident…but, when you are in love with yourself, for the wrong reasons…come on! I have no problem with people who are confident and secure with who they are…I am one of them! I do have a problem with someone who abuses other people, emotionally because they THINK they are “secure with their persona,” but they are obviously not! It is a dead give away that you are not ,when you find it necessary to treat others with no respect or dignity! So, my point is…if you want to sit on your high horse…fine, but stay away from me, cause I will let you have some attitude! Don.t let me catch you putting anyone else down, either!