“Journey to the Center of the Earth,”…Movie Review….

What can I say. I am prejudice on this one. I love Brendon Fraser. You just can’t take your eyes off of him this whole movie. Wow! He really did a great job on this one. He kept you watching and listening the whole movie. Those eyes od his are adorable! All of the acting was good. The movie has a lot of suspence, adventure, and even¬† had some love interests. The ending is great and it is a “Feel good” type of movie. Definitely good for the whole family to watch. I liked it! The scenery was great and the history lesson was interesting. It was a believeable movie. It portrayed the importance of a family. It showed the love between father and son. Brotherly bonding was important to show.¬† Worth watching.


“GET SMART,” movie review……..

The movie,”:Get Smart” was actually funny. I figured it would be one of those stupid kind of funny movies, but it was ok. The adventure and suspense were convincing. The acting was good. It made you think of the old Get Smart series. It showed a side of people that was impressive. It had funny one liners. Adance scene at a party was hilarious and right on! Some of the action parts were ridiculous, but funny and entertaining. I think it is worth watching. Steve Carell and Anne Hathaway pulled it off! I liked the part that Dwayne Johnson played. He was right on!

“War,Inc.,” Movie Review

Wow, this was an interesting movie. I really enjoyed it. Hats off to John Cusack and the cast. They pulled it off. John Cusack is undercover. He is a hitman assigned in a country gone wild. He has to deal with his inner struggles and the weird personalities of the locals. He is portrayed as someone which he is not. He has a sense of humor he uses to try to get on with his assignment to kill. He has heart and compassion in human beings. He wants to do good, yet his ” real” job wants him to kill! His boss is wacko! His assistant is hilarious ( Joan). She keeps the movie moving along. The pop singer in this movie is someone you hate and then someone you feel sorry for. Hilary Duff is great! I don’t know, I feel this is worth renting. It was a movie worth seeing!

“Indiana Jones, Kingdom of the Crystal Skull” review…..

A classical Indiana Jones movie. It was a slow start, but made up for that later on. The action and suspense in this movie were , in my opinion, a B-. The characters all had unique personalities that kept you interested in their happenings. The movie centered around a crystal skull that held a mystical power. It showed what extremes a person would go through to gain power and prestige.On the light side, Indiana Jones has episodes with his original love. She happens to have a rebellious son who has a bunch of his own stunts. He also holds another mystery. The ending is great. It gets you wondering about the universe and what it holds. I would say this was an ok movie to rent.