Believe in Yourself

You know, all you can really do is live your life with whatever comes your way. You can plan all of this stuff in your head, but why bother. The next day, something usually happens and you have to do something else. You just spent the whole night losing sleep over it! For what? I […]

Rest in Peace Mom

It is my belief that my mom is resting in peace now. She was lucky enough to live out her life the way she felt like. She overcame many struggles. She enjoyed many moments of happiness. She always did her best to make all of those around her happy. Since she is of Italian decent, […]

Beauty of this world

    May you not get drawn into the ugly moments in life. May you make the decision to see all the beauty this world has to offer. Doing so does not make you less aware of that which is not just. It makes you feel more at peace to make the right decisions to […]

New Years Resolution in progress

View post on Well, every new year we all seem to make resolutions that we start out strong with and then they manage to fade out. I made a different one this year that I believe will be simple to do. Every morning I walk into my closet to decide what to wear, I […]

Bringing in 2018

View post on Our life is one in which we are given many challenges that make us stronger to continue in our path to everlasting life. Believe and trust. Make each day a new beginning and start it with a smile! Believe in Yourself; Luisa Doraz Everipedia Memes of 2016 Angel Ordaz Angel […]

December 2016

Thank you to all of you who stop by and visit my blog.I have had some challenges to face this December 2016. My Mom has now suffered a stroke. Her recovery is still in question.Her vitals are all good and she is not in any pain. She can not talk anymore. She is not too […]

Magical Days

View post on View post on May you ALL enjoy the rest of 2016 with much LOVE, HAPPINESS, and PEACE! Enjoy EVERY moment as a BLESSING from GOD! God Bless You All! Believe in Yourself; Luisa Doraz ( I will be replying to any comments left. I am going to be otherwise committed, […]

VIDEO…. All you need to know about EVERIPEDIA

Come take a look and share with your family and friends. Be sure to CREATE your own page so you can have another LINK to your blog. You will notice more traffic. Have fun! The team is working very hard to make this a site for everyone! Believe in Yourself; Luisa Doraz ( I will […]

It’s a No-Brainer……VOTE

View post on Urban Dictionary: no-brainer Something so obvious to be correct/appropriate, that it requires no contemplation to decide on. I could not look at myself in a mirror knowing that I did not win something FAIR and SQUARE! If I was told by those working for me that things were done illegally so […]

The mystery of our world

View post on You can not figure it out, so stop trying. You will never be able to understand the way some people think, so stop trying. You will be amazed at some of the stupidity you are a witness to, so stop trying to figure it out. No one cares about your opinion, […]