The road that never ends……

From the beginning, we are made to endure. We are nestled in our mother’s womb, peaceful and unobservant. We begin to recognize what we need to do to make our world a happier place. We begin the road that never ends.

We are born into an air of confusion. Noises and activity surround us everywhere. We are keen to what gets us attention. We continue on the road that never ends.

As we grow older, out brain is feed with information we have to learn to process, or we will continue to exist. We develop ways to stay alive and survive, not wanting to face the alternative. So, we continue on the road that never ends.

There are days that I wish to swim. There are days I wish to fly. There are those days I want to call a taxi. There are days I wish the road would end. What makes me get back on that path? What makes me even care? What gives me the strength to face the challenges thrown my way? It is faith. Faith in mankind. Faith in our existence. Faith in our destiny. Faith to believe.

May you all find the strength to take hold of the challenges that present you with an attitude of defeat. Believe in yourself and what you are able to do. Keep your faith in whatever you wish to believe. Make it happen.

Believe in Yourself;

Luisa Doraz

Happy Birthday to my brother Bobby, who suffered a stroke on June 16,2013. He is 52 today.

4 Responses

  1. It is indeed a long road…but one worth traveling with love in our hearts…have a great weekend.

  2. I do not know about others BUt I seem to have been born in a tornado of confusion– I still remain confused about so many things– The road ,as you say , is unending with signals and sign boards –One says turn to the right ,another says ‘Dont”– One board says you are leaving one zone and entering another zone–Thank you, please come again (What for? to get confused all over again?- Give me a break)

    • Lviss, I do understand. I feel so crazy, at times. I just reflect on all the good in my life, then I wait for the chill to pass on. Have a week full of many positive turns…please. 🙂

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