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I have been following the journey involved in the making of the film, Black Leather Soles. It is going to be a feature film by my freinds Gordon Greene and Howard Green. I have known them for many years. I am so delighted and excited for them!  The clip you see below is a 60 seconds teaser from an award winning short film shot several years ago that was an adaptation from the award winning stage play which they are now in the process of making a full length feature film. Please share your “likes” and comments in support on the FB page and twitter link below.  The more input they have, the better. So, take a few moments and give your opinion. It will be GREATLY appreciated. Be sure to follow the links for the FACEBOOK and TWITTER pages.





5 Responses

  1. I had a look at the website and read the story — The trailer didnt come thro though — I understand that it is making a second entry —

  2. I will check it out. Good luck to all and thank you for bring it to our attention.

  3. So post Harlem Renaissance … Cab Calloway, Big Mama Thorton, Louie Armstrong, HiFi, Ray Milton … so fun …lots of faves. Great! Look forward to more. Happy to “like” and post on my FB page.

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