Let me free

What has happened to me?

Why can’t I speak?

Why can’t I move?

What are these people saying to me?

I no longer understand.

I no longer communicate freely.

Why can’t I get up?

What are all these machines?

Why am I not in my home?

The room spins.

My brain is void.

My eyes are blinded.

My mouth is vacant.

When did I last eat?

Where did my life take me?

I do not want this which is dealt me.

I do not believe this is just.

I just want to scream.


Let me free!

Believe in Yourself;

Luisa Doraz

6 Responses

  1. Let me answer this semester question paper to the best of my ability
    Why cant I
    Speak–If anybody gives a different answer from what “manybodys”have to say he must be a unique man — The answer is a universal one
    Move– My joints seem to make a creaking sound if I try anything out of the box forcing me stay within the box
    What most people say to me ?– Mostly abuses which cannot be reproduced in a blog–
    I no longer understand– Yes but what are you asking me?
    I no longer communicate –Same as for speaking problem
    I will skip a few others and come to why my mouth is vacant (perhaps u mean empty).Why only my mouth , for most ofthetime my head also seems so –
    No one is listening to me or reading what I write , except perhaps a poet in far away in California —
    I screamed –

    • Lviss, I love your brain! You always have such unique comments for me. It makes me smile. Thank you. I need that now more than ever. 🙂 Stay well. I feel inspired to write. I will put my hat on. lol 🙂

  2. I have had many clients that have expressed such questions and emotions following a CVA.

  3. Profoundly strong massage to everybody who are trying to know the truth about our weakness.We have the ability to invent the computer then we can be the master of our destiny.Thank you for stopping by.Cheers,jalal

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