My reason to be…

I be who I be

I say what I say

I accept the new challenge

of every day.

I do not expect pity

I will not be in shame

I figure with a positive attitude

I can stay on top of the game.

Yes, life can be a league

That is one you would rather pass

Throwing out those unexpected moves

Being a real pain in the ass.

You all have moments you are thinking of

You all know what I mean

Just stay really strong and focused

Never lose sight of your dreams.

Believe in Yourself;

Luisa Doraz

4 Responses

  1. Really like the very positive attitude expressed here…oh I know a few folks I should share this with.

  2. You must be wondering where your VP has gone This and the previous post of yours got classified as social in the new g mail inbox — Usually I get invites to join this or that social network So I dont open those mails =I will have to buck up and look there too- —

    • Hi Lviss….Hope all is better now in the blogging world for you. I really like to hear from you. I have been lost and challenged. I have maintained my positive attitude, but I must admit…it is tough. I will get back to blogging one day on a regular basis. I know I keep saying that! LOL Stay well. Smile. Spread the cheer! 🙂

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