The wedding was a success!


I am happy to report that everything went well with my friends wedding. Everyone was happy and smiling! The weather in Palm Springs was 119 degrees! I thought I would faint. I do not know how people can live comfortably in such weather. After a while, you kind of get to where it really does not bother you. Needless to say, I drank a lot of water. The country club did a fantastic job with the catering. The music was getting me to dance and be silly! I was very happy for my friend Pam. I have known her since high school. Her husband Anthony was very nice. It was the first time meeting him. 🙂

Marriage takes a commitment. It takes humor. It takes caring and trust. You should NEVER take your spouse for granted. I wish Pam and Anthony all the best!

Oh, my dress worked out perfectly. The challenge was the wind. My dress was flying all over the place!

Have a great week.

Believe in Yourself;

Luisa Doraz

5 Responses

  1. Not sure anyone ever gets use to such temps…glad the wedding went well…have a great week.

  2. Happy that all went of well at 119 degrees (Is it Fah or Cel-)We have Celcius reading here –I understand that California was a desert once and so a desert climate can be expected in day time — You have to be a camel to live in such places , with a water hose permanently attached to the mouth —
    Oh yes the special wedding attire is good —
    There you have it -Actually only those with a sense of humour can walk thro a long journey called marriage –Never take your spouse for granted while they exercise the same right in a democratic way —

    • Fah, Lviss. The desert is nice, but not for me. I do believe the water is more interesting to watch. lol Yes, you are right. BOTH spouses must play the game if it will work out right. I do believe you will have a great week. You have no problem entertaining and leaving nice comments. 🙂 Stay well and happy.

  3. I am glad you like the dress. 🙂 It was a hit. 🙂

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