It’s a long story……..

Where have I been?
Well, my mom was in the hospital and then rehab. for the last 10 days.
She got to go home today.
She will have occupational and physical therapy at home.
She has been very weak.
Her pulse went down to 40!
During a procedure, she went into cardiac arrest.
They saved her.
She now has a pacemaker.
This should make her life a lot more comfortable.
I am happy she is home.

Cherish your health and well-being.

Thank you for your support.
I need to get back to me and my mess!

Will be by asap.

Believe in Yourself;
Luisa Doraz

12 Responses

  1. So glad to hear things worked out for your mother…hope her recovery goes well…having her home should make next weekend a very special Mother’s Day…take good care.

  2. I knew you must be attending to your mom –Glad to know she is fine — Wish her speedy complete recovery –

    • Lviss, thank you for being so kind. 🙂 I gave the message to my mom. She said she will be doing her best to get back to her normal life. lol 🙂 Have a great week.

  3. I hope your Mom continues to do well!
    Happy Mother’s Day to you and your Mom.

  4. Tough when our parents are getting old. So glad she is ok!!!

  5. my wishes to her and you..

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