Take time to smell the roses…..

What ever you say
What ever you do
Make sure you have a smile
Right there with you!

Have a week of friendship
Have a week of love
Have a week of thankfulness
Have a week of superior health and fitness

Keep your brain straight
Keep your eyes focused
Keep your faith number one
Keep on living with a smile.. no matter what

Oh, how did those roses work for you?

Believe in Yourself;

Luisa Doraz

8 Responses

  1. hey doraz.. that was boosting for me to start work on first day of this week…!!

  2. I can do everything except keeping my brain straight

  3. Some events in life teach you very quickly to take time and smell the roses….have a great week my friend…mine has definitely had a great start…cheers.

    • I am happy to hear you are doing well. I do understand about life. It does do amazing stuff! We do need to stay ahead of the game, as much as possible. Have fun smelling the roses. 🙂

  4. LD, at times you wow me with your words. Sandy

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