Goats making funny noises…….Come see……YOUTUBE

A friend showed me this video, and I loved it! I laughed a lot. Hope you all enjoy it. Thanks Chelsea!


11 Responses

  1. Quite a funny animal —
    Recently I saw two interesting videos One is about a dog by name Jesse It does almost anything for keeping the house clean –The other one is about how gospel singing has changed over the years –The first one you can see by searching for “Just Jesse” in Youtube -It is a fantastic dog –The second one you can see by searching” The Rob Mills Family through the decades “It runs for about 12 minutes Hope you will like them

  2. More on my first– You will also enjoy another video – Rob Mills Family -Walking with Jesus -What a fantastic talent

  3. I’ve seen this or one like. They’re each unique and darling. I love it. Wish they weren’t corralled though.

    • I had goats on the farm growing up. They ran free on our land. We did have to keep them safe when we were not home for long periods of time. Wild dogs killed some one them once! So horrible.

  4. Oh…those were funny! Have a great weekend my friend.

  5. Sometimes the world just becomes the most immensely amusing place ever. You have my day twice now…

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