Question for you…..

How would you feel having your adult family members all living…in separate households…on about 20 acres of the same land you live on?

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  1. Hmm…how high are the fences? 🙂

  2. Doraz , I think I have earlier mentioned about Joint Family System in some families here where all the adult members live in the same house with their children , not in diferent houses in an area -As a matter of fact, in my child hood days I lived in a place where all my mother’s sisters and brothers and their families lived in small houses in the same compound- All the cousins grew up together -The place is still there but all have branched out —You have kindled my child hood memories –Those were the days —

    • Lviss, you were so lucky. I believe that all familes should live like this. The family unit needs to return to be the full force behind life, not the way it is now. I figure since my husband is a builder, why not buy some land and build a house for both sons and a guest house for my mom. We would be far enough apart, yet close. One of my goals in life. I hope we can manage this. The kids are OK with it. 🙂

      • It is a good idea — You surprise me –You should have been born here –The irony is ,here, the people have almost given up this thought of living close to one another –Most people think your way of life is better –Take me for example –All my brothers and sisters live in the same city , seperated by a few miles from each other but we meet only at some family functions–This is life as it stands today and we are comfortable with it—As they say the grass is greener on the other side —
        BTW how was the stay in the hills You were back soon-

        • Well Lviss, I do believe that being first generation Italian has a lot to do with the way I believe families should be. I was lucky enough to be around all of them in NYC. In CA, it is just my immediate family. I believe a lot is lost when we stop communicating with family. Getting together, when possible is good. One should make time. I have been going to the mountains because my youngest son got permission from his job to work full time at home. He asked if he could stay in the mountain house. If not, he was mentioning Seattle or Boulder. Of course, we said yes. We are only 1 1/2 hours away. 🙂 He will be in there soon. I will be going up more often, of course. 🙂

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