At peace…poem

Drifting into the twilight zone

I am calm and tranquil

The evils of the day have flown away

The magic of dreaming is in sight

Believe in Yourself;

Luisa Doraz

9 Responses

  1. Happy peaceful New Year —

    • Thanks Lviss. My mom fell again and fractured her left shoulder. She is doing much better now. It happened on the 5th. She was at my house for a week, then she wanted to go home. I am not doing too well myself, but I am resting and getting much better. I have been emotionally and physically drawed. 😦

  2. Hope both of you get well soon- Somebody has to be constantly near elderly people –I find that elderly people test their strength by often trying to do things alone–I have had similar experience with my father —May be the mind refuses to accept the fact that the days are doing things alone are over —
    For you, I would suggest doing simple yoga exercises befitting your age — Yoga keeps your body and mind in good shape if you learn the exercises from persons who are well versed in it — Not all yogas will be suitable for all persons -Most of the old people here prefer yogas to meds to keep fit — Let me confess I havent tried yoga as yet though there is a yoga centre close to my house —

    • Lviss, I did have the chance to work with someone who taught me many wonderful yoga moves and much about meditation. I do it all the time. I highly recommend it. Try it, you will like it. lol 🙂

  3. A wonderful thought to hold throughout the day.

  4. Lovely time of day. Restful poem. I like.

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